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What you asked us this week "What do I need to make Gerbing heated gloves work? Do I get what I need in the box?" It's cold outside and, not surprisingly, your queries focussed this week on warm and heated...
HEATED GLOVES Heated motorcycle gloves, such as the Gerbing G-12, XRS-12 and XR-12 gloves featured here, are absolute necessities for anyone who will be riding in cold weather this winter. As most riders know, the very first part of you...
GERBING HEATED CLOTHING Cold weather can be difficult for a motorcycle rider. Many give up their hobby entirely in the winter months, especially in more northerly climates, relying instead on cars or public transportation. However, modern heated motorcycle clothing technology...
So, you are putting together the ultimate cold-riding system. You’ve got the Gerbing 12v heated gloves, jacket, trousers, and even the socks. But what else is there? There are a number of genuine Gerbing accessories that you can use...

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