Riding a motorcycle off-road is one of the most exhilarating forms of two wheeled fun available. Gone are the worries of traffic as you will most likely be on a controlled circuit sailing over jumps or off the beaten track riding on a permitted byway developing riding dexterity around whatever obstacles you encounter. During this fast paced or obstacle strewn riding you will want to be fully protected. In the case of your upper body you will not want to have to endure the bulk of a hefty outer jacket that may hinder enjoyment. This is why a garment from the Alpinestars Bionic jackets range will be ideal for you.

Alpinestars is the world leader in off-road protection. Through many years of development and working with top athletes it knows more than most about how a piece of off-road protection should function. Whilst protection is the crucial feature the jacket must also be extremely comfortable to wear and highly vented. In different ways all Alpinestars Bionic jackets meet these demands so whether you’re on the Dakar or a first timer taking to a green lane there is something that will suit you. Alpinestars Bionic jackets are designed to work in harmony with other items of off-road protection such as the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support.

The Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket

Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket

The Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket is the ultimate in off-road protection with its structure being extremely lightweight with outstanding air flow. The Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket uses an elastic stretch mesh grid which is highly vented and will soon mould itself to your body shape creating a unique fit. This mesh structure is overlaid in the key abrasion areas with Cordura panels which make for a durable garment that is highly abrasion resistant. The chest protector is CE certified and what makes this aspect really special is that it works as one with the built in EVA shock absorbing material to keep you safe should the worst happen. CE certified protectors extend across the elbows and forearms. Within these pads you will find a 3D poly material which aids comfort. These elbow protectors are clever in that they are asymmetrical so worn correctly there is little chance that the protector will rotate or move out of place whilst riding. Around to the back of the jacket there is a detachable back protector which is structured to allow for the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support to be incorporated. Speaking of fitment a nice feature is the Cross Lacing System which includes an elastic cord that provides an excellent fit whilst avoiding arm pump. Auto locking YKK zippers are used throughout on the main zipper and the detachable sleeves. A TPR belt system allows for a final fit around the waist. In the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket there are so many details that you will be forever finding something new to be delighted with.

  • Grid Technology – lightness and extremely breathable
  • Fit – fully customisable through multiple addjustments
  • Cross Lacing System – adjustment allows unique fit eliminating arm pump
  • Abrasion Resistance – Cordura panels strategically placed for additional abrasion resistance

The Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket

Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket

The Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket is a very ergonomically refined model that is of a slim fitting highly breathable Elastane stretch material together with 3D thermoformed padding. The Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket is lightweight and highly vented. Immediately you can see that there is a material cut out to the under arm so maximum air flow. The main body of the Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket is an Elastane breathable stretch mesh with a YKK front zipper. Padding within the elbows and shoulders soon matches to your body shape. There is no kidney belt on the Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket so should your riding involve you being seated for an extended period there is no chance of any pinching around this area. Although the main stretch material feels soft to the touch it is carefully reinforced with Cordura making for a robust construction. All of the protectors are nicely situated where you would expect them. They are a combination of hard impact shells across the chest and back with softer protectors on the elbow and shoulder. The Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket is compatible with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support which means that you can find a complete upper body system should you need it.

  • Fit – slimline fit that adapts to the body shape
  • Abrasion Resistance – Cordura reinforced
  • Protectors – Integrated chest, back, elbow, and shoulder

The Alpinestars Bionic Plus Jacket

Alpinestars Bionic Plus Jacket

The Alpinestars Bionic Plus Jacket is the smaller brother of the Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket. It retains all of the great fit and quality of finish but differs in that the back and chest are of an EVA triple layer compound. The Alpinestars Bionic Plus Jacket is well suited to riders looking for the most flexible garment which features no elements of hard protection at all.

  • Fit – slim line that adapts to body shape
  • Protectors – soft protectors throughout
  • Breathability – Elastane stretch mesh is super vented

The Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket

Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket

The Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket offers great value for money off-road protection incorporating Alpinestars new innovative outer shell grid technology that is extremely lightweight and vented. It could offer the perfect solution for the demands of motocross being so light and yet featuring hard impact protectors across the garment. As the protector panel shells are of an injected hard polymer construction you have a great feeling of being enveloped in a robust protection. The back protector is a nice feature being articulated in three places which gives flexibility with the ability to inter lock in an impact. The Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket incorporates a kidney belt and is compatible with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support.

  • Kidney Belt – tightens the back protector to the body
  • Comfort – highly breathable through Elastane construction
  • Protection – hard impact protectors including articulated three piece back protector


Whether you are riding enduro, on the MX track, or off doing some gentle green lane riding a protection jacket such as can be found in the Alpinestars Bionic Jackets range will be an excellent purchase. For motocross the Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket is a great choice as it offers all that you need and nothing that you do not. For a more gentle lower speed outing the Alpinestars Bionic Plus Jacket has many merits in that it will absorb impacts without feeling over the top. Both the Alpinestars Bionic Plus Jacket and the Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket do without a kidney belt so if your ride sees you seated for longer periods there could be an advantage here to avoid pinching around the waist. For enduro riding undertaken over longer days or distances the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket offers an awful lot and can easily be adapted or adjusted to suit many requirements.

In all cases Alpinestars Bionic Jackets comfortably outperform any of the CE standards applicable to them so you can be assured that a combination of this testing together with all of the development done with top class athletes means that you will be wearing the best protection. An important factor in the Alpinestars Bionic Jackets range is ease of use. In challenging conditions or in the midst of competition the last thing that you want is for your protective gear to feel too hot or be ill fitting. With the use of high performance materials Alpinestars has addressed this both for comfort and to ensure that when a correctly sized garment is worn that you will have no issues over out of place armour at the wrong moment. Deciding how much to spend will be more dictated by the intended use than of the actual range of options available. The Alpinestars Bionic Tech Jacket will likely do the best job for longer enduro riding days whereas the Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket would be the choice for motocross events. The Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket and the Alpinestars Bionic Plus Jacket sit in a nice middle ground which could suit a range of leisure riding purposes well.


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