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Alpinestars – High Performance Race-Bred Apparel

Alpinestars is one of the best known names in motorcycle clothing. Their stellar reputation has been built on a foundation of developing the finest professional racing products. It’s engineered apparel that satisfies the demands of some of the toughest competitors, and harshest environments in motorsports.

That unsurpassed product excellence is also available as a range of Alpinestars clothing for the rest of us. Whether you ride on road or offroad, competitively or for fun, Alpinestars offers biker gear of extraordinary technical development, quality, and comfort.

GetGeared are responsible for more than one in ten of every Alpinestars product sold in the UK. As a result, we have developed unrivalled expertise with the brand. We thought it would be interesting to delve into the history behind the name. We wanted to look at some of the reasons Alpinestars continues to be at the forefront of motorcycle clothing technology.
Alpinestars 2017 Herlings

From Hiking To Biking

Alpinestars was founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo, a highly skilled skiing and hiking boot maker. At the time, motocross was just taking off as a competitive sport. One rider – realizing the inherent strengths in a ski boot – approached Sante to make a tougher boot for off-road racing.

The Supervictory motocross boots were a revelation. They were the first to feature a protective steel shin guard. It was also the first time a motorcycle boot used a snap buckle (like a ski boot), instead of laces.
Autographs hour with Alpinestars Champions Jeremy Vanhoreb, Antoine Meo, Pauls Jonas, David Pootjes

The Start Of Alpinestars’ Involvement With Champions

Alpinestars motorcycle boots were suddenly in tremendous demand. Sante quickly realised the importance of sport in product development, and promotion. Alpinestars worked with 5-times World Motocross Champion Roger Decoster and 4-times World Motocross Champion Heikki Mikkola. In the process, they became the pre-eminent supplier of boots to the sport’s elite competitors – and eventually to off-road riders everywhere.

Natural Resilience Plus Technical Excellence

The Alpinestar is a flower, also known as the Eidelweiss. It grows in the Tyrolean Alps, at heights of up to 3,500 metres. It’s a tough environment, where the small white flower clings to rocky outcrops.

Alpinestars Logo inspired by the Edelweiss flower

The Alpinestars Name Is A Brand Mission

Traditionally, there’s a race up the mountain each year. Climbers compete to see who can be first to bring back the resilient bloom. That race is a metaphor for the company itself, and their motorcycle products. There’s a tradition of strength and attention to detail. There’s the drive for exceptional performance. There’s a determination to be number one. It’s echoed in the company’s vision statement: “One goal. One Vision.” Above all else, Alpinestars protects.

During the 1970s, Alpinestars moved into road racing. While they remained headquartered in Italy, they also set up facilities in the USA. Once again Alpinestars motorcycle garment technology led the world. They worked with legendary 3-time World Moto GP Champion Kenny Roberts. Among a raft of innovations, they introduced the world’s first toe slider.

In-House Testing Equals Superior Products

Alpinestars commitment to excellence is underlined by continuing investment. They have their own specialist textile labs and testing facilities. CAD-CAM systems, connected to electronic cutting tables, allow designers to develop prototypes in-house. Alpinestars retains absolute control over the entire design process. They can experiment and refine ideas until each item is perfected.

Materials and garments are put through the most punishing examinations, in varying climate conditions. This enables the company to consistently deliver innovative products. They continue to satisfy the ever-changing demands of the fast-paced world of motorcycle racing. Riders everywhere eventually benefit, as those advances are passed on to consumers.

Alpinestars Sponsorship Of Top Athletes

Word of Alpinestars race-derived superiority has spread across the world of motorsports. From 1990 onwards the company has been heavily involved with MX and Moto GP, and the automotive arenas of F1, CART, Sportscar, and the World Rally Championship.

In an environment where winning is everything, Alpinestars excel. That same winning mentality and drive for product excellence underpins every piece of Alpinestars motorcycle gear available through GetGeared.
Alpinestars Advert for Tech 10 MX Boots

➯ See the Alpinestars MX Boots Range

So, Which Is Better – Alpinestars or Dainese?

The comparison is often made. It’s hardly surprising when two such well-known motorcycle brands are headquartered in Italy, almost on each others doorstep. Well-known motorbike equipment rivals Sidi and Spidi are also just a stone’s throw away.

The geographical proximity is for one very good reason: leather. The area to the north of Venice is home to some of the finest tanneries in the world – and has been for generations. This natural material has always been recognised for it’s superior protective qualities – particularly for motorcycle clothing – and this part of Italy remains an important provider. Interestingly, Bentley and Porsche source the leather for their interiors from the same region.

Leather aside, Alpinestars and Dainese have fundamentally different approaches. Dainese motorcycle gear has tremendous strengths (that we can look at another time), but Alpinestars are in another league for innovation, and race-bred apparel. It’s not really a question of who is best, each offers the bike rider an alternative. We are fortunate to have such a high quality choice.

Alpinestars’ Multi-Facetted Success

As far back as 1972, Alpinestars were winning design awards for its motorcycle boots. The Oscar became something of a phenomenon, taking first prize at the prestigious Fashion Academy of Turin for a second time in 1973. It’s a feat never achieved by anyone outside the close-knit fashion elite before. Today, the Oscar range has been revived. It combines state-of-the-art motorcycle clothing technology with classic Italian design flair.

More recently, Alpinestars have demonstrated their safety expertise by taking the CES Asia Top Innovation Award. They won with their advanced Tech-Air airbag technology. The advance micro-processor controlled system was born on the racetrack. It allowed multiple World Moto GP Champion Mark Márquez to survive a 209mph crash virtually unscathed. Now that super-fast, dual charge inflation module is available to riders everywhere.

On the track and off-road, the Alpinestars racing reputation receives the highest accolades. It’s also been instrumental in attracting drivers like Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Juan Pable Montoya and NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch to assist in product development. “Alpinestars Protects”!
Alpinestars Protects

Alpinestars And GetGeared

GetGeared are proud to continue a long association with with Alpinestars. They are one of the world’s foremost developers of race, road and off-road motorcycle clothing. The continued success of the brand has also led to the introduction of more leisure-focused garments. You can now buy Alpinestars combination of durability and safety with a more casual style.

Alpinestars Boots

➯ See the Alpinestars Boots Range

Alpinestars boots are where it all started. From the world’s first steel shin guard, to today’s armoured and articulated race boots, it’s been a story of innovation and safety, combined with practicality and comfort.

  • The SMX track and motorcycle boot range is a market leader for good reason. Tough and protective, with a variety of breathable liners, it comes in a huge choice of styles.
  • The Tech MX boots with their bio-mechanical linkages offer extraordinary levels of support. Yet advanced engineering means you’ve still got great feel for shifting and braking.
  • Alpinestars J-6 motorcycle shoes give you the casual street look, but deliver the protection you need. Lunar Drystar are waterproof shoes you could wear to work, or out at night. Alpinestars Faster motorcycle shoes are vented for summer riding, with up-to-the-minute style.

Whatever you need for your feet, Alpinestars boots and shoes deliver!

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Alpinestars Gloves

➯ See the Alpinestars Gloves Range

There’s are Alpinestars gloves for every motorcycle sport, every riding style and every weather condition. Protection ranges from EPA foam to kevlar and carbon. There are vented road racing gloves, and super lightweight MX gloves. There are classical leather gloves with elasticated cuffs for cruiser riders. Drystar winter gloves have a waterproof membrane, back-of-the-hand insulation, and fold easily into a pocket. The Celsius heated glove is for bikers who go anywhere, any time of year.

Alpinestars gloves offer comfort and protection for your hands whatever you ride, whenever you ride.

Alpinestars Racing Leathers

➯ See the Alpinestars Leathers Range

It’s no surprise that Alpinestars Racing Leathers are some of the most advanced examples of material engineering ever created. At the entry-level you have the practicality of the Challenger. It has internal and external protection, and removable, washable lining. The 2-piece Motegi offers similar benefits. At the upper end of the scale is the GP Tech. It combines kangaroo and cow leather to give flexibility and abrasion resistance. It also has CE-certified armour, and is airbag compatible.

Alpinestars Jackets

➯ See the Alpinestars Jackets Range

An Alpinestars jacket looks great and protects you like nothing else. The classical elegance of the Oscar has been updated with CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection. Sports jackets offer a variety of designs, plus high-tech leather construction. Some have stretch or perforated panels, and detachable thermal linings.

Alpinestars textile jackets offer a selection that’s just as comprehensive. Lightweight motocross jackets come with a choice of dazzling graphics. The Ares has a waterproof, thermal lining and Alpinestars Bio Air armour. The Andes Drystar provides the same excellent weather protection, and enough pockets for everything!

Alpinestars jackets offer everything from lightweight summer sports gear, to heavyweight winter wear for tourers. Now there’s the Valparaiso and Viper textile jackets for Tech-Air, Alpinestars ground-breaking personal air bag system.

Alpinestars Trousers

➯ See the Alpinestars Trousers Range

Alpinestars motorcycle trousers are a perfect match for their jackets, developed using the same stringent testing and perfectionist approach. Features of the leather trousers include double thickness seats, stretch and perforated panels, and mesh linings. There are pockets for hip armour, and removable knee sliders.

There are textile trousers to pair with motocross, Ares and Andes jackets. There are also stand-alone designs. These range from lightweight waterproofs, through trousers for touring or adventure bikers, to full-weather waterproofs with removable thermal linings.

And More…

If you wear it on your motorbike, Alpinestars has you covered!

  • Jeans in a selection of fits, with kevlar panels.
  • Overtrousers for summer and winter, with removable waterproof inners and knee armour.
  • T-shirts, polos, hoodies, fleeces, caps and belts.
  • Mens and ladies underwear, summer and winter.
  • Socks, vented and anti-bacterial, moisture wicking, with and without compression zones.
  • Neck warmers, moisture wicking and thermal fleece.
  • Balaclavas, all-weather seamless, or water-repellent for winter.
  • Toe and knee sliders.

Tested On The Track, Unbeatable On The Street

It’s impossible to over-emphasise the effort Alpinestars put into developing the very best clothing for motorsports. It’s not just a promotional thing, it’s an absolute commitment to providing elite superstars with the best equipment possible. Legendary road racers Mick Doohan, Kevin Schwantz and Alex Criville have won with Alpinestars. So have motocross legends Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson and Jeremy McGrath.

Every weekend, there’s a winner somewhere wearing Alpinestars.

That single-minded focus on product excellence is reflected in the Alpinestars consumer range. It’s where they share all that hard-won racing experience with the rest of the motorcycle riding fraternity. Every rider wins.

Alpinestars HQ with Champions Jeremy Vanhoreb, Antoine Meo, Pauls Jonas, David PootjesSpending time with Jeremy Vanhoreb, Antoine Meo, Pauls Jonas, David Pootjes at the Alpinestars HQ, Asolo

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