Alpinestars Sportbike Riding Boots

Riding shoes are a great option for summer. They provide protection for riding the motorcycle, while offering practical comfort off the motorbike. These days, riding shoes exist in all shapes and sizes: more urban casual looks as well as more traditional styles serving the performance and naked bike rider. In amongst the range of options are Alpinestars’ sports & road shoes. Not entirely surprising, Alpinestars make a great range of sportbike-inspired riding shoes.

What makes the Alpinestars offering different is the brand’s deep involvement in motorsports. Sportbike riding shoes from Alpinestars use the same technology and features perfected for full-height racing boots, such as the MotoGP-winning Supertech R, and incorporate them into ankle-height shoes, that protect the foot and ankle area, and provide comfort off the ‘bike at the same time. Follow this guide to see which of the Alpinestars sportbike riding shoes are right for you.

Riding Shoes range from Alpinestars

  • Alpinestars SMX-1 R: The most protection in a sportbike riding shoe

  • Alpinestars SP-1 v 2: Lighter in weight, still with robust protection on heel & sole

  • Alpinestars Faster 2: The most flexible sole for off the ‘bike, light-weight upper for comfort

  • Alpinestars Fastback 2 Drystar: A higher shaft, best for riding and walking where conditions could be wet

Alpinestars SMX-1 R Riding Shoes

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The SMX-1 R riding shoe adopts the look of the taller SMX-6 v2 boots in an ankle-height package. A convenient side access zipper allows the shoe to be easily slipped on and then adjusted by way of Velcro tabs around the ankle and forefoot. Once on, you immediately feel the comfort of the Lycra-covered anatomic foot bed. Generous accordion stretch areas to the front and rear ensure flexibility. The sole provides a reliable grip on the foot peg, using Alpinestars’ unique rubber compound. With protection available for the heel, toe and ankle as well as a replaceable TPU toe slider, the SMX-1 R delivers a highly protective package. A variety of colour options is available that reflect the track heritage of the styling and the brand.

  • Synthetic Microfiber Upper – You get great comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance.
  • Adaptable Fit – Ergonomic fit off-the-shelf with opportunity to adapt further using Velcro attachments.
  • Sole – Alpinestars’ exclusive rubber compound sole offers great durability and contact with the foot peg.
  • Removable Anatomic Footbed – Removable Lycra covered footbed features perforations for enhanced comfort.
  • Replaceable Toe Slider – TPU/Aluminium toe slider is replaceable and compatible with Alpinestars racing boots.
Alpinestars SMX-1 R riding shoes

Alpinestars SP-1 v2 Riding Shoes

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The SP-1 v2 riding shoes combine the robust sole associated with Alpinestars racing boots to an upper that more closely resembles that of a sporty trainer. The SP-1 v2’s racing look is enhanced by a MotoGP derived speed lacing system, which gives an easy, precise and secure closure. All key areas around the foot and ankle are protected through a combination of foam backed double density ankle pads, rubber reinforcement around the toe, and a polyurethane heel box around the rear part of the foot.

  • Synthetic Microfiber Upper – Gives great comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance.
  • Adaptable Fit with Speed Laces – Alpinestars MotoGP-derived speed laces are quick to use, give a precise fit, and don’t come undone.
  • Sole – Alpinestars’ exclusive rubber compound sole offers great durability and contact with the foot peg.
  • Removable Anatomic Footbed – Removable Lycra covered footbed features perforations for enhanced comfort.
Alpinestars SP-1 2 riding shoes

Alpinestars Faster 2 Riding Shoes

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The Faster 2 Vented is the best route for the rider seeking an almost ‘trainer’-like feel and comfort. A popular version is the perforated, vented option with a high level of ventilation for high summer owing to the perforations and the internal breathable mesh lining. Easy-to-use laces function just like those on normal trainers … combined with a ‘lace loop’ that makes sure the laces are safely stored. With their internal protective elements these riding shoes look like paddock trainers but are constructed for motorcycle use: Amongst the protective qualities of the Faster 2 shoes are dual density ankle protectors, which are soft around the edges to give a comfortable fit. The rubber sole is extremely lightweight, incorporating a shank for the sole rigidity required to prevent hyper-extension.

  • Ventilated Upper as an Option – Vented options with perforated upper and internal mesh lining give greater comfort in summer.
  • Laces Closure – Easy-to-use and can be secured with the ‘lace loop’ system.
  • Colour Range – A wide range of colour options derived from motorsports shows just how popular these shoes are.
  • Sole – Extremely lightweight rubber sole with shank for rigidity.
  • Removable Anatomic Footbed – Removable Lycra covered footbed features perforations for enhanced comfort.
Alpinestars Faster-2 riding shoes

Alpinestars Fastback v2 Drystar Riding Shoes

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The Fastback v2 Drystar is the best choice for those looking for a riding shoe to wear all year ’round. It is equipped with Alpinestars’ own Drystar waterproof and breathable membrane system. That means it withstands the elements while remaining comfortable inside. A microfiber upper offers great protection and durability, whilst also being easy to keep clean. Easy-to-use laces are covered by a sturdy flap ensuring that they cannot get caught on the ‘bike. Further protection is afforded by the internal toe box and heel counter. Robust grip on the pegs is ensured by the unique rubber sole. Out of all the shoe styles reviewed here, the ankle height of the Alpinestars Fastback v2 shoes is the highest.

  • Drystar Waterproofing – Alpinestars own waterproof and breathable membrane, nearly as breathable as Gore-Tex and hugely reliable.
  • Laces Closure – Easy-to-use with a sturdy flap to cover them.
  • Protection – TPU on ankle with further protection around the heel and toe area.
  • Sole – Rubber compound sole developed for great feeling on the ‘bike and for walking.
Alpinestars Fastback Drystar riding shoes

Core Features of a Great Riding Shoe

Decided that a riding shoe could be exactly what you are looking for? Here are a number of questions to think over to get exactly the one that is the best choice for you. In the main, this will come down to the level of protection you seek and the style of ‘bike you are riding. Those on higher performance machines may feel more at home with a shoe that in structure is closer to a race boot, whereas those looking to upgrade from a casual trainer could see value in a more basic sportbike riding shoe.

Sole Construction

In the range Alpinestars offers everything from a wafer thin sole inspired by the world of Auto racing like that on the Faster 2 shoes, through to the adoption of a shoe that is soled like a racing boot such as the SMX-1 R shoes. For those looking for the feel of a boot without the bulk of a full height style the most robust sole is going to be best. For those doing shorter trips or taking their first step into protective footwear the lighter option could be the way to go. In each case the sole is developed for a specific motorcycling purpose.


In some cases an Alpinestars sport riding shoe looks distinctly like a racing boot. So, if your plan is to mostly wear your shoes with denims and a more casual looking jacket you may prefer a shoe without an obvious toe slider protruding from the toe area: the Fastback v2 Drystar shoes would then be great choice. On the other hand if you feel that you would like to express yourself as part of the motorsport community options like the Faster 2 Vented are available to look more overtly sporting. Those appreciating a sportbike style in the most subtle way are well catered for with solid black options. Otherwise choose one of the clearly motorsport-inspired colour panel options.


Based on the duration of journey and how often the shoe may be taken on or off, a number of options exist from the more technical belt and braces fitting with YKK zippers and Velcro straps to the racing inspired speed laces of the SP-1 v2 derived from MotoGP. For maximum simplicity conventional tie your own laces styles are available.


In all cases Alpinestars sport riding shoes far surpass a casual trainer. Each pair comes with the assurance of CE certification to demonstrate (and be tested) that they fulfill the requirements of protective footwear. As the level of protection increases so does the feeling of difference from a casual trainer. The most protective riding shoe in this review, the SMX-1 R shoes, has almost nothing in common with a sporty trainer. Sportbike riding shoes are developed to specifically hold onto the foot securely by way of their advanced fit and should the worst happen they will serve you well and clearly will merit the initial investment made.


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