Want to power your heated gloves from the 12V bike battery? Here is how to do it

If you landed here from the Heated Motorbike Gloves Quiz, then you have indicated that you are looking for the cream of the heated motorcycle gloves: heated gloves that have a realistic operating life of over 5 hours at a reasonable heat setting. And we mean reasonable, in other words ‘warm’ setting.

Before you move on, watch this really short video so you know what you are looking at purchasing.



Introduction to this product selection


There are currently 2 systems:


The Macna System


How to wire Macna gloves direct to the motorcycle battery

The Macna system gives you 2 options to connect your Macna heated gloves to the motorcycle battery: Either direct or through their motorcycle jacket liner. The following diagram shows the possible combinations.


The Furygan System


How to wire Furygan gloves direct to the motorcycle battery

The Furygan system is more straight forward with only one add-on to purchase and no jacket liner to confuse the issues.



How we work out real-life battery performance



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