The Best 12V Wired Heated Motorcycle Gloves for Bikers


Want to power your heated gloves from the 12V bike battery? Here is how to do it

If you want to permanently power your heated motorcycle gloves from the motorcycle battery, you need to pair up the heated gloves with the wire connectors required. Typically, you need a permanent connection to the motorcycle battery with a socket to plug into, and you need an extension wire to join up the power socket with the gloves.

wire your heated gloves to your motorbike battery

Each heated clothing brand has its own system:

  • Furygan offers a dedicated accessory pack that contains all you need to connect the Furygan Heat Blizzard gloves to your bike battery;
  • The Macna System offers several options, including powering the gloves alongside wearing the heated Macna inner jacket. The simplest choice is shown here, ie simply wiring the gloves direct to the motorcycle battery, which is the equivalent to the Furygan solution.


Furygan System
Battery Connection
Macna System
Battery Connection




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