Fed up of sweaty hands? If you’ve felt the temptation to get on your Bike without any gloves on due to the sheer discomfort of hot hands then now is the time to invest in some proper Unlined Motorbike Summer Gloves. A pair of properly Vented Motorcycle Gloves can keep your hands at a comfortable temperature, without compromising on safety! Here, shortlist the Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves of 2018!



Held Air n Dry Gloves GTX
1. Held Air n Dry Gloves GTX

Held Air n Dry motorcycle gloves: Held and Gore-Tex have collaborated to make a pair of innovated motorcycle touring gloves that are both wind and waterproof. Gore-Tex summer riding gloves to protect you from a slight rain or morning chill and vented, unlined full-on summer gloves for the hottest of days.


Held 2847 Sambia 2 in 1 Gloves GTX
2. Held 2847 Sambia 2 in 1 Gloves GTX

The Sambia 2 in 1 is possibly Held’s most exciting glove of 2018. In the coming seasons we’re expecting to see much more of this type of glove from Held – it’s even better priced and better looking than the previous versions! Thanks to dual chamber technology this versatile glove can either be used as a vented summer glove or a waterproof summer glove. Adapt quickly to changes in fickle British weather. Overall, a high specced glove with plenty of functionality.


Rev It! Ion Gloves
3. Held 2616 Tour Guide Gloves

The Tour Guide motorcycle gloves from Held are a glove designed for tourers and technical riders. Made from highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather they will protect you from the elements as well as the road. They are colourfast, sweat-proof and are held together with a special type of seam, a step seam, which means there are no pressure points inside the glove to cause you discomfort on your long rides. Perforated leather at the palms and fingers create airflow and Velcro adjustment at the cuff and wrist allow you to make sure they won’t fall off but aren’t restricting your movement.


The Alpinestars Wr-1 Gore-Tex Gloves - one of the warmest motorcycle gloves for Winter
4. Alpinestars SP-8 Gloves V2

ee the road bend and follow the curves: These newly redesigned sports motorcycle gloves stay comfortable and react to every minor adjustment of the line you are taking on the track or the road. Race proven protection all round. Comfort and equipment that leaves you to concentrate on riding out the next bend with perfection!


Rev It! Fly 2 Gloves Mens
5. Rev It! Fly 2 Gloves Mens

Perforated perfection from Rev It. The fully perforated Fly 2 gloves are a perfect replacement for the original Fly motorcycle gloves. The perforated leather construction makes these gloves extremely lightweight while remaining strong and the PU coated Karvin cow hide means they are rain resistant and weatherproof. Connect finger tip fabric means you can use your smartphone or sat nav without having to take off the gloves and adjustment tabs and stretch elastic make the gloves fit comfortable on your hand without being too tight or too loose..


Rev It! Ion Gloves
6. Rev It! Ion Gloves

The Richa Arctic gloves are lined with a fleece liner to keep your hands warm. The Hipora membrane keeps you dry and also allows your hands to breathe, so they remain free from sweat and dampness.


TAlpinestars Scheme Gloves Air
7. Alpinestars Scheme Gloves Air

Short cuffed sports riding motorcycle gloves. Good value for money with a Kevlar lining. That is what makes these special: Light in weight but not light-weight. Higher levels of ventilation through Airmesh panels around cuff and thumb. Carbon knuckle armour.


Furygan TD12 Gloves
8. Furygan TD12 Gloves

Awesome summer gloves: These vented summer gloves have the best of both worlds: Leather and textile, to make a protective, vented summer motorcycle glove ideal for men! The mesh outer across the fingers, back of the hand and onto the wrist offers abrasion resistance in the event of a slide. The protection you want: There’s a hard knuckle shell to give you impact protection and leather inserts offers abrasion resistance in the event of a slide. A wrist strap offers a secure closure and silicone print gives grip on the handlebars.


Held Gloves Estiva 2508
9. Held Gloves Estiva 2508

Perfect for summer riding: The mesh outer and unlined nature of these gloves make them the perfect option for summer scooter riding. The mesh outer offers maximum ventilation. There’s also a Temperfoam knuckle, goatskin palm and edge of hand reinforcements for protection.


Alpinestars Fighter Gloves Air
10. Alpinestars Fighter Gloves Air

These motorcycle gloves are made from suede, leather and 3D mesh. What does that mean to you? Well, you’ll have a pair of durable, breathable and abrasion resistant motorcycle gloves. In addition to that these gloves are also super comfortable thanks to EVA foam knuckle protection.


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