For 2016, there are three budget motorcycle jackets new on the market from the big brands: Alpinestars, Held and REV’IT! The big European motorcycle brands have manufactured these motorcycle jackets for cater for a certain price point that they previously didn’t. Whilst these are technically ‘entry level’ motorcycle jackets, they all have the experience that the big brands have in their engineering. With great features like neoprene lined collars and waterproof pockets you may be surprised just how much you can get for your money. Watch the video below to see the features each of these jackets have.


If you are the kind of rider that’s commuting less than five miles daily, this will see you through the year. It is permanently waterproof and there’s a detachable thermal liner. What makes this jacket different is that you can attach the Rev It HV vest connector, to improve your visibility at night in the winter. Pair with the Enterprise overtrousers for a decent quality, great priced suit


Want Alpinestars quality, but not Alpinestars prices? This jacket is part of their budget range and has been produced to appeal to commuters in town. You simply don’t need a technically advanced jacket as you don’t ride long distances, but you want the Alpinestars logo. Perfect for new riders, this jacket has a sporty cut to it, similar to the Fastback jacket, but longer in length.


Fantastic new touring jacket from Held. This motorcycle jacket is constructed of a 100% polyester, 500 denier outer shell made of Heros-Tec fabric. It is highly breathable thanks to the Humax-Z-Liner which also offers waterproof and windproof properties. A technical rider would feel comfortable throughout their whole tour in this jacket no matter the weather because the Zorro is waterproof and has both a mesh lining for improved air flow in hotter climates and a removable thermal liner for when it turns colder.

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