Casual Motorcycle Shoes

Casual Motorcycle Boots: The top casual & urban biker footwear this season

Casual motorcycle boots are the answer to everyday motorcycle use. When the motorcycle is truly part of your every day, you need footwear that makes it possible to be protected on the bike and dress in style off the bike. Here is our guide to the best style and the best styles!

The Brands

The best casual motorcycle boots brands

  • – The specialists in motorsport riding shoes
  • – The movers and shakers in urban motorcycle boots
  • – The dedicated boot makers with a great casual motorcycle boots range
  • – The original Converse-type biker shoes were made by TCX
  • Others – Every brand wants to play in this category & most will have a style or two in these looks

Casual motorcycle boots? Choose your type!

There is not just one type of casual motorcycle boots these days. There are loads of different looks, and surely one to suit your style. The first examples were the Converse-type flat soles and the motorsport paddock inspired riding shoes. But, since the retro explosion in the motorcycle scene, there are a huge variety of different urban and casual motorcycle boot styles.

The Converse-type

Converse-style shoes take their inspiration from basket ball shoes. Flat soles, high over-the-ankle cuffs mean the style is perfect for motorcycle use as well as off-bike walking.

The City-type

Chelsea boots and Desert-style boots are the obvious casual category of boots, ready for the City. In particular the Desert boots were relaunched by Clark’s shoes: Perfect footwear in that smart-casual space between trainers and brogues: Somehow, desert boots with a suit works as a look! If you need to go more formal, steer towards the Chelsea boot styles.

The Army-type

Engineering and military-style lace boots are a close associate to motorcycling and always have been since the first Harley Davidson or Triumph bikes were conceived. A higher cuff, more lacing, soft leather with tough toe and heel cups are the hallmarks.

The Boatshoe-type

The raised seams over the top of the front of the boot are the tell-tale of a boatshoe-inspired style. The obvious challenge with having a raised seam where a motorbike has its gear shifter is handled differently by the various brands.

The Motorsport-type

Feel the buzz of the F1 paddock? Alpinestars stands for that mix of petrol fumes, rubber and rapid action. Alpinestars are the masters of this style group and have a motorsport range of riding shoes to prove it.


Best-Seller Highlights

  1. : This summer’s winners

  2. : The originals

  3. : Durable workwear boots

  4. : Classic motorsport paddock-wear

  5. : The GetGeared ‘pick’

The most popular Casual Motorcycle Boots

With the Oscar range, Alpinestars went back to some real classics AND to its own roots and history. The J-6 boots are not from the Oscar range, but you can’t help thinking that they received a good measure of the retro focus of the Oscar sub-label. A best-seller!

The Originals: The TCX X-Street were the original Converse-inspired urban motorcycle boots. This style is the updated and improved ‘evo’ version of the originals. The quintessential Converse-style sneakers, delivered with motorcycle boots protection as standard. Waterproof, but a little hot on warm days.

From the humble beginnings of a single boots style, TCX built out their urban motorcycle boots range significantly since the early days of the TCX X-Street shoes. Here is one of the newer and very popular casual motorcycle boots styles. However, in terms of popularity the TCX Street Ace remain in the lead.

Alpinestars got on the casual boots trend early on. Traditionally, they always made a set of F1 inspired shoes. So, they built out from there. This is one of the most popular Alpinestars riding shoes right now. Stand-out feature: Brand + price point.

Workwear boots: We cannot get them in fast enough, and these are the most popular. This is Held’s interpretation of the urban motorcycle boots, And, this design clearly works for us in Blighty! The Held Cattleman is now available in different colour options.

Part of the core range of Alpinestars riding shoes: These are some of the most popular Alpinestars motorsport shoes. Unlike many lower priced competitor versions, this style is waterproof with a breathable Drystar lining: To you that means they are comfortable in the heat and dry in a downpour.

Richa is a ‘value brand’, and it is one with reliable production quality. Being French, Richa ‘get’ this urban motorcycle culture through-and-through. In fact, ride through Paris and it’s a different world: Proper urban riding in style, from scooter to Ducati. Popular due to looks and price point.

Getting hot in summer? Many of the Alpinestars casual boots are available as a ‘vented’ option: Not waterproof, but perfect for the heat wave. These are the most popular Alpinestars riding shoes with that feature. Read the full Alpinestars motorsport shoes review now.

Forma is a great boot maker. Not as famous as some of its brothers, but flawless for fit and focus on quality. In the basketball/sneaker segment, these boots from the Forma brand are highly popular. Stand-out feature: Fit and comfort.

In the workwear segment, we love the Forma Elite boots. Everything about them is right: the fit is perfect, the leather colour is dead-on the right shade, the finishing details are all there. These are probably some of the best casual motorcycle boots money can buy right now. Our Pick!


The GetGeared ‘Pick’: Forma Elite Boots

It’s tough to make a single selection from this long list of great casual motorcycle boots. If there is a stand-out urban boot, it has to stand out for style and comfort. At least one measure is this: When you can put a pair of boots into the hands of a customer and be sure that s/he will buy them, simply because s/he tried them on. The Forma Elite are boots like that. A good-looking, superbly comfortable, protective motorcycle boot in urban rider clothing! These are listed as #10 only because they are not as popular as they should be. So, we are making them our Pick!

Final thoughts

“It’s hard to make great casual motorcycle boots: It requires a proper boot maker to get the mix between motorcycle boots and casual boots right” – George, GetGeared

So if you are in the market for casual motorcycle boots, there is a huge choice of different options for you from Europe’s leading brands as well as some lesser known ones.

These are the most popular casual boots based on what your fellow riders are choosing right now. But, more importantly, here is a great overview of the wide range of looks now available.

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