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Free BBQ at GetGeared!

We’re firing up the Grills!

Summer has finally arrived, and we've just had our first mini-heatwave!  We're celebrating the suns late arrival with a FREE BBQ! We'll be firing up...

Your Verdict On January’s Marmite Bikes

January's Marmite bikes Every Monday we ask you if you "love it" or "hate it" here is your verdict: ✔️ "Terminate" or "I'll be back"  You loved...

The Top 5 Most Loved Marmite Bikes 2015

TOP 5   1. DO YOU GO BANANAS FOR KATANAS OR NOT? You loved Marchs offering: The Suzuki GSX750s Katana. You told us: “I had the imported 750 Kat...

Sunglasses for bikers

What do your sunglasses say about you? Read below to find out what matters when you're looking for sunglasses and goggles to wear on...

How do you greet fellow bikers?

How do you greet fellow bikers? Read our infographic to find out which motorcycle greetings are most commonly used in the UK.

The Top 5 Most Hated Marmite Bikes 2015

TOP 5   1. NICE'UN OR A DYSON? We asked what you thought of this Kawasaki concept motorbike back in January. You told us: “It looks like a Dyson...

And the winner is…

And the winner of the #GREATBRITISHCARVEOFF is... Nick with his Pulp Fiction pumpkin! Congratulations Nick! Here are some of our favourite entries: The #GREATBRITISHCARVEOFF at GetGeared.co.uk...

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