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Motorcycle Helmets: How to Buy The Best Motorcycle Helmet

  The perfect motorcycle helmet? The great brands define the perfect helmet as ... There is no other form of transport that gives a sense of...
Held Conan boots: winners of best touring boots

Held Conan Boots: Surprise winner in European motorcycle boots test

HELD WIN BEST TOURING MOTORCYCLE BOOT! Europe’s largest motorcycle magazine, Motociclismo in Italy, tested 13 motorcycle boots.The result? The Held Conan boots (style 8530) won...
Motorcycle Boots: The Ultimate Guru Guide To Buying Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots: The Ultimate Guru Guide To Buying Motorcycle Boots

  MOTORCYCLE BOOTS ARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER BOOTS I learned to love motorcycle boots one Friday evening in July some years back, cruising down Victoria embankment...

Can I zip different brand jacket and trousers together

What you asked us this week "Can I zip different brand jacket and trousers together?" The short answer is no. Brands use different sized zips...

Challenges For New Women Motorcycle Riders

More and more women are taking to two wheels According to Women Riders Now, over the last 10 years there has been a 50%...

Best Motorcycle Winter Gloves For 2017

Cold hands are seriously bad news: The cold can cause your hands to become stiff, achy and numb. It makes it harder to use...

Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Find The Best With This Definitive 8-Step Check List

Choose the warmest winter motorcycle gloves Anyone can ride 20 minutes in freezing temperatures with even the worst winter motorcycle gloves and they wouldn't...

Gerbing Heated Gloves: What Do I Need To Make Them Work?

What you asked us this week "What do I need to make Gerbing heated gloves work? Do I get what I need in the...

Best-Selling Motorcycle Gear & Accessories In 2016

1/ You liked to get there TomTom Rider 410 The new operating system made the new Tom-Tom Rider 410 an instant winner, by far outselling other...

Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Gloves

HEATED GLOVES Heated motorcycle gloves, such as the Gerbing G-12, XRS-12 and XR-12 gloves featured here, are absolute necessities for anyone who will be riding...

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