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Top 10 Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Warm weather is just around the corner, and with the summer months comes the prospect of ditching sometimes cumbersome winter gloves for something that...

Held Kevlar Jeans Fit Guide [2015]

Held 6263 Crackerjack Jeans Features and protection Kevlar woven into the denim D30 Knee CE armour Long Hip CE armour pockets Zip fly Sizing and fitting ...

10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves 2015

TOP 10 1. The Held 2448 Rain Cloud Gloves Gore-Tex These motorcycle gloves from Held are Gore-Tex X-Trafit lined. This means they'll be 100% waterproof and...

Shark Spartan Motorcycle Helmet

NEW FOR 2016: THE SHARK SPARTAN HELMET Coming soon: The Spartan Motorcycle Helmet is the newest edition to the Shark Range. Lightweight and protective: The Shark...

Battle of the SHARK Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmets

SHARK MOTORCYCLE HELMETS Shark motorcycle helmets have two flip-up helmets in their range: the Shark Evo-One and the Shark Evoline 3. At first glance they...

Best-Selling Motorcycle Gear & Accessories In 2016

1/ You liked to get there TomTom Rider 410 The new operating system made the new Tom-Tom Rider 410 an instant winner, by far outselling other...

Top 10 Warmest Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Anyone who rides in winter knows the value of having warm hands. The cold can cause your hands to become stiff, achy and numb,...

Dr Martens motorcycle boots: Why the boss changed his boots

The timing of the launch of Dr Martens motorcycle boots is perfect! 2014 is the 50-year anniversary of the infamous 1964 Margate beach riots...

Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Gloves

HEATED GLOVES Heated motorcycle gloves, such as the Gerbing G-12, XRS-12 and XR-12 gloves featured here, are absolute necessities for anyone who will be riding...

Gerbing Heated Clothing

GERBING HEATED CLOTHING Cold weather can be difficult for a motorcycle rider. Many give up their hobby entirely in the winter months, especially in more...

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