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Revit Tracer

Is it a shirt, is it a jacket? It’s both!

We can completely understand if you are confused. This really is a shirt that has the technical functionality of a jacket! The Revit Tracer was...

Top 10 Most Innovative Products of 2015

TOP 10    1. THE SHARK SKWAL HELMET On a dark night most riders want to make themselves as visible as possible. This Shark lid comes with...

OJ Mini Pro Muffs: Fight wind-chill!

OJ Mini Pro Hand Muffs Explained The first rule of warm hands in winter is to fight wind-chill. There is nothing more effective than to...

Motorcycle Touring Leather Advice

This year there is better choice than ever of motorcycle touring leathers. If you don't want sports leathers with the restrictions they bring, but...

The Held Aerosec Jacket And Trousers

New for 2016: The Held AeroSec jacket and trousers comes from the original thinking that led to Held’s Air n Dry gloves. Like the Held...

The Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Life after the 'Held Freezer', style 2570 Winter motorcycle riding drastically improved with the introduction of the Held Freezer gloves in 2005. 10 years on,...

10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves 2015

TOP 10 1. The Held 2448 Rain Cloud Gloves Gore-Tex These motorcycle gloves from Held are Gore-Tex X-Trafit lined. This means they'll be 100% waterproof and...

Shark Motorcycle Helmets: What the professionals say

READ THE REVIEW OF SHARK HELMETS BELOW: Shark helmets have been producing motorcycle helmets for over 25 years, and they are one of the...

Rev’It! Tailored Technology Explained

TAILORED TECHNOLOGY REV'IT! Was one of the first motorcycle clothing companies that dared to venture into urban clothing: motorcycle clothing that suits the metropolitan areas...

Gerbing Heated Clothing

GERBING HEATED CLOTHING Cold weather can be difficult for a motorcycle rider. Many give up their hobby entirely in the winter months, especially in more...

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