Cyber Fivers : Double G-Cash and what it means to you..


So you’ve all heard about our fantastic loyalty scheme G-Cash right..? OK, in a nut shell, we think that sticking together is good for everyone, so if you stick with us, we give you little something back to say thanks. Every time you shop with us, you earn ‘G-Points’. The number of points that an item awards is shown on the product page itself, just under the price. Your points accumulate every time you shop, and when you reach 500 points, we automatically redeem them and send you a £5 voucher. It’s that simple, no remembering to claim, no tricks, just a little treat from us to say thanks!

Now, what we’ve done today is doubled the points on EVERYTHING. That means that from a spend of just £85 – you get your first instant rebate voucher! (For the purposes of today, we’ll call that your ‘Cyber Fiver’.) The awards stack up in multiples of £5, so if you were to spend £850 with us today, you’d be getting an instant £50 rebate voucher.

Now the REALLY great thing about today, is that we’ve doubled the points on EVERYTHING, including Sale Gear! So bag yourself a super saving and combine some of those end of line discounts with double G-Points!

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