Forma Adventure Boots Review

“Tested for 18 months and some 31,000kms, leading tours and recceing in India, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. Temperatures from 42ºC in the Namib Desert, to freezing in the Himalaya. Rain, snow, sand and plenty of river crossings have given the Forma Adventure boots a pretty good work-out.”
What’s the verdict?

Forma Adventure Boots The Good


Once softened up, they were soft, comfortable, flexible and great for walking around in. The buckle system makes them fast to put on and take off. The waterproofing has stood up well, even when wading, helping on river crossings. With light socks, they are surprisingly cool in the desert and some merino socks make them fit for cold riding, even stomping around in the snow. Great all-rounders!

Forma Adventure Boots The Bad


There aren’t many downsides to these boots – they took some breaking in, but then scored very highly for fit and comfort. The soft, flexible soles make these boots unsuitable for long periods standing on the pegs – causing sore insteps. Waterproofing is limited to about half the height of the boot, extending as far as the internal gusset.

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Forma Adventure Boots Verdict


“The ‘Formas’ offer enough protection for light trail riding, with the shin guards doing a good stone-deflecting duty. But these are not to be confused with proper Enduro boots. However, the trade-off for this is the low weight of the boot and superb comfort. These boots are super suitable for our high Himalayan Indian tours and largely road-based South African jaunts.” – Damon I’Anson – Blazing Trails Tours

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Forma Adventure Boots Blazing Trail Reviewer


has been riding and working with bikes for 30 years. An ex-magazine editor, mechanic and despatch rider, the poor thing now travels between India and Africa as an adventure tour leader with Blazing Trails and puts some of the GetGeared touring gear through its paces for some hard-hitting, real-life feedback.



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