Nobody Does Things Quite Like The French

There’s something about the French. Something about the way they do things. Some say they’re stubborn. The French will tell you they’re determined. Focused.

Yet for all that Gallic single-mindedness, they also have a long tradition of flair and sophistication. The famous “je ne sais quoi.”

Uniquely, they manage to combine these two very different concepts, and produce something that people aspire to. It’s fashion with function. That’s precisely what Furygan bring to motorcycle clothing and accessories.

As one of the most experienced and largest Furygan outlets in the UK, we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the company. At how it came to develop such an innovative range for today’s style-conscious biker.

Glove Makers Extraordinaire

Furygan came into being in 1969, founded by Frenchman Jacques Segura. At first, the company was called “Furygant.” Gant is French for glove, but the French pronunciation sounds more like “gan.” Eventually the name stuck.

Monsieur Segura was a maker of high-quality gloves. He also loved motorcycling. He brought a craftsman’s skill to the industry, and he also brought passion and insight. He knew what motorcyclists needed. Many of the same principles applied to gloves for skiers and cyclist. They also benefited from the new brand.

Exceptional products often gain recognition quickly. Furygan were soon producing gloves for motorcycle racers. The outstanding quality of the product soon brought more demand, and expansion followed. It wasn’t long before Furygan created a full range of motorcycle apparel, for both race and road use.

Innovative designs and new production methods also caught the attention of the French military. Back then, parachutists helmets were made of leather. Furygan’s version was stronger, lighter and more comfortable. Their superior glove-making skills were also called upon, for infantry and snipers. That partnership that still exists today.

Almost fifty years later, Furygan continue to follow their founder’s principles. There’s still that individuality, that French combination of flair and function. Furygan have become a world-leader in motorcycle clothing fashion, but it’s all underpinned by outstanding leather craftsmanship. Eye-catching design is never at the cost of comfort. Safety is never compromised for the sake of style.

The Panther Is A Very Agile Beast

The big cat in the Furygan logo is a stylized panther. Tremendously powerful, yet fast and agile. It’s an accurate metaphor for the company today. It’s still a family-run firm. Jacques’ son, David, is the current boss. He continues the artisan traditions, while embracing the benefits of new technology and advanced modern materials.

Furygan now has two factories, producing around 800 garments a week, available in 43 countries.

In Nimes, France, the finest hides are thoroughly checked before being cut. In the cutting room there’s plenty of high-tech equipment, but you’ll still find traditional tools as well. Suits for Furygan’s many sponsored racers are still hand-tailored here.

Assembly is done in Tunisia. It’s not about taking advantage of cheap labour, it’s about skill. Tunisians have been leatherworkers for millennia. It’s one of the last places that can deliver the high standard of craftsmanship that Furygan demands.

Finished items return to Nimes, where they are fitted with the relevant protection. They are thoroughly inspected. Small faults are rectified in the Nimes workshop, which also produces prototypes. The fastidious attention to detail is what sets the brand apart from many cheap motorcycle clothing brands. In their own words:

‘Since 1969, our expertise is the guarantee of high-quality products. Along with our quick and efficient after-sales service it has made Furygan’s reputation.’

Pro-Active Safety

Furygan encourage you to “Ride with a Panther.” It’s an emotive suggestion. To them it encapsulates the brand. Turning that into motorcycle clothing that delivers on their promises takes a lot of work.

Furygan have long been recognised for cutting-edge style. Safety is fundamental. It’s at the core of every design. To Furygan, it’s not good enough to send products for independent testing and then fix problems after. They want to know their garments exceed current standards before they leave the factory.

How do they do that? Furygan have made massive investment, and built a very special R& D facility. It’s called “The Motion Lab”. In it, you’ll find machines and apparatus identical those used by official certification authorities. Procedures and techniques have been duplicated. If you want to pass stringent European regulations, you subject your products to the same tests. So that’s what Furgan do. It was one of the key ingredients in the company being the first (and currently only) motorcycle clothing manufacturer to release an entire range that was CE approved.

Unrivaled Research and Development

Of course, the Motion Lab does much more than guarantee the integrity of the company’s products. It plays a major role in material selection, new product introductions, and the advancement of manufacturing techniques.

Before any component becomes part of a Furygan product, it’s pushed, pulled, stretched, torn and scuffed. It goes through material torture. If it makes it through, you know you can trust it to perform day in, day out.

Prototypes are made in-house. Every part goes through rigorous examination, in a facility specifically designed for the purpose. That way, Furygan gloves, jackets, trousers and accessories can always be guaranteed to meet the company’s own super-tough protection standards.

Safety is vital, of course, but once garments pass final inspection and leave the factory, they have to be worn by ‘real’ motorcyclists. Exceptional comfort and outstanding performance are also crucial. This is where French flair meets traditional craftsmanship in a unique blend of style and skill. Fashion is important, but the key ingredient is wearability. Each item of motorcycle clothing must look superb, and must always do what’s expected of it. It’s an area where Furygan excel.

Often the thinking is innovative, sometimes it’s full-on radical, but if the performance doesn’t match the concept, it never makes it onto street or track.

Proven In The Harshest Conditions

The toughest way to test motorcycle equipment is by going racing. Motorcycle race clothing has to keep the rider comfortable and safe, whatever the climate, whatever the conditions. In motorcycle sport, concentration is key. Race wear has to be so good the rider doesn’t think about it.

Furygan have always supported motorcycle racing in all its forms. It was a passion of the founder, and it remains part of the company’s ethos.

In the past, Furygan made race suits for the legendary Giacomo Agostini. He holds the all-time record of GP wins (122), and was 15 times world champion in different classes.

Here are some of their current roster:
• Johann Zarco – Twice Moto 2 World Champion, currently competing in MotoGP.
• Lucas Mahias – Former FIM Endurance World Champion, current Supersport World Champion.
• Sam Lowes – Former FIM World Supersports Champion, now contesting Moto 2.
• Danil Ivanov – Former speedway rider and Ice Racing World Champion, currently winning ice races in Poland.
• Michael Dunlop – Isle of Man TT Winner, and top international road race competitor.
• Thibaut Nogues – Pro Sportbike Freestyler, with wins all over Europe.

As you can see, riders from just about every competitive motorcycle discipline put their trust in Furygan race kit.

Furygan And GetGeared

We’ve long been fans of the stand-out styling that Furygan bring to motorbike clothing. Each year there are exciting new visuals. There are leading-edge designs that push existing boundaries. There are a clever twist on existing classics.

But we wouldn’t spend the time and energy we do promoting the brand, if it didn’t also offer the highest levels of protection and wearability. Fashion is great on the street. It can only make it onto the bike if it performs as good as it looks.

Furygan are just as committed to safety as they are to style. Lets look at the facts behind the claims:
• Furygan leather comes from South America, and is tanned in Italy – because Italians do it best. It’s immensely strong, but remarkably supple. Everyone gets the same superb quality. The same leather that the pros wear goes into the gloves, jackets and trousers you buy from us.
• Furygan textiles are engineered for elasticity and abrasion resistance. In some parts of a garment it’s “bi-stretch” for maximum comfort. In areas most likely to experience impact, it’s “ballistic polyamide fabric” which, you might guess from the name, is immensely strong and protective.
• Hitena is another tough polyamide, which is specially treated to shrug off dirt and road grime.
• Kevlar is something we’ve all heard of. Furygan use a special “double-face interlock,” combining Kevlar with cotton, to increase comfort without compromising protection. If it does end up scuffed along the road, it actually reduces the heat build-up friction creates.
• Stitching uses polyamide or polyester for strength and durability. Seams are either double or triple-stitched.
• D3O is a flexible material with remarkable impact absorption properties. It’s excellent at dispersing energy. It cushions, thus reducing damage. After dissipating harmful forces, D3O returns to its original state and shape, ready to do its job all over again.
• Sensitive Science is a construction method developed by Furygan’s for glove forefingers. A special inert in the tip means you can use touch-screen devices without taking your gloves off.
• Women are a fundamentally different shape to men. That’s not sexist, it’s recognition that in order to be comfortable, a different fit is needed. Furygan understands that and offer multiple solutions for the female rider.

OK, so you know Furygan gear is as tough as it gets, protects, and does style and comfort unlike anyone else. Let’s wrap things up by having a look at a few examples from their range.

Furygan Motorcycle Gloves

It’s how Furygan stared, so you’d expect them to be something special. They are, and it’s such an extensive collection there really is something for everyone.
• Tom D30 gloves match classic elements with modern protection for a stylish all-rounder.
• Sparrow is a remarkably light, reinforced winter glove, with a Sympatex waterproof lining, and Thinsulate padding to keep out the cold.
• RG17 is a vented racing glove, fully armoured, with textile inserts for comfort.
• Jet Evo II is a light but strong summer glove, with specific options for the smaller hand.
• Fit-R2 are the ultimate in sports protection and comfort and style, with race-inspired graphics.
• The Escape range suits the touring rider who isn’t put off by the depths of winter. At lest your hands will stay warm!
There’s the AFS 19, Mercury, TD12, Endigo, Zeus, Graphic Evo 2, the list continues to grow. Whatever you ride, whenever you ride, Furygan has a glove that might almost have been custom-designed for you.

Furygan Motorcycle Jackets

Furygan jackets are distinctive. You’ll never mistake them for any other brand. Partly it’s the inherent quality, it’s also an unmistakable style.
• The Bronson is the epitome of leather casual, in any setting, on or off the bike.
• The Sherman is understated, but incredibly effective. Leather combined with textile for comfort and protection. There’s a thermal vest, padded and removable. The lining is breathable and absorbs moisture. It takes Furygan’s D3O armour, of course.
• The Titan is ideal for winter. Waterproof, yet light. Warm, yet breathable. It will clip and zip into Furygan trousers for the perfect cold-weather outfit.
• Blast is a great all-rounder. A resilient textile jacket that’s waterproof and thermal, with zipped vents to cool you when you need it.
We could go on. The choice is vast. Each Furygan jacket makes a statement, it just depends what you want it to say. Some you’d mistake for high street fashion, not motorcycle gear. Others shout it loud. The Neptune rain jacket will even make you look good in the wet!

Furygan Motorcycle Trousers

So for the full matching set you need Furygan trousers to go with your jacket. Well maybe, but Furygan flair and function goes beyond that.
• Raptor are GP-derived sports trousers. Stretch where you need it, D3O protected, Kevlar padded. Stand-out graphics finish the look.
• New Highway are for those who take the long way home. You might never get your knee down, but you appreciate class-leading protection and superior comfort.
• Trekker Evo is another example of understated wearability. Waterproof, breathable, thermal-lined, elasticated and adjustable. They have D3O pads at knee and hip.
• Furygan motorcycle jeans offer fashion for the motorcyclist, without risking your safety. Available in different fits, they are Kevlar lined for unbeatable abrasion resistance. There’s even quadruple stitching. You never wore jeans so tough!
• Over Pant waterproof trousers have an elasticated waist and full length zips for fast, easy rain protection. They are also adjustable at the bottom to keep water and drafts out. The Furygan Rain Pant is a lightweight, low-cost alternative.
Good looking, hard wearing, fashionable and functional. Furygan trousers are a great compliment to their jackets, but equally wearable on their own.

Furygan Track Suits

Furygan have been producing tailored motorcycle racewear for professionals since the company started. The same superior quality leather goes into the Furygan track suit you can buy. So does the same level of skill, and the same attention to detail.

In the animal world, an apex predator is the one at the top of the food chain. Nothing rivals it. Perhaps that’s why Furygan call their one-piece suit the Apex?

Specification reads like a racer’s wish-list:
• Full grain leather for maximum abrasion resistance.
• Ergonomic design. It doesn’t just fit you, it fits how you ride your bike.
• Breathable, bi-stretch comfort areas.
• Removable back hump.
• Flexible, impact absorbing D3O at shoulder, elbow and knee.

The apex of road and race clothing development? Just ask the pros!

Furygan Motorcycle Accessories

The Furygan brand continues to grow, with motorcycle accessories that follow the company’s tradition of combining great looks with unbeatable practicality.
• Boots in authentic, classic, and the latest fashion styles. Waterproof, with reinforced heels and toes.
• Traditional or racing hump rucksacks. All with removable rain covers.
• Lightweight, ventilated back protectors that deliver all the benefits of D3O protection.
• Elbow, shoulder, knee and dorsal armour, again with the flexibility and impact dispersion of D3O.
• Knee sliders so smart you might not want to get them scuffed. Only kidding!

Competitive Advantage However You Ride

Like the French, the Furygan motorcycle clothing brand is something of an enigma. At GetGeared we’ve worked with them as closely as anyone, yet we still don’t know what’s coming next!

They’re always likely to spring a surprise or two – either in terms of fashion or new technological developments – but it always works. Products go through such rigorous testing and development back at Nimes, they have invariably been perfected by the time they get to us.

Furygan have a remarkable ability to deliver traditional craftsmanship, yet they also understand what today’s rider wants. Quirky? Sometimes. Distinctive? Always. It’s motorcycle clothing you can’t ignore. It’s that certain “je ne says quoi.”

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