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“What do I need to make Gerbing heated gloves work? Do I get what I need in the box?”

It’s cold outside and, not surprisingly, your queries focussed this week on warm and heated clothing, in particular Gerbing’s heated gloves and clothing range. Upfront: You get everything you need in the box, when you buy a pair of Gerbing heated gloves; more about that below. If you are interested in purchasing a Gerbing heated clothing item, you will most likely need to purchase additional accessories in order to make clothing and gloves work together; more about that also below!

The most common purchase is a set of Gerbing heated gloves as a stand-alone purchase: In addition to the gloves, the kit includes the ‘junior’ adjustable temperature controller, a wire harness to connect to the motorcycle battery terminals, and a set of fuses to make sure it’s all safe. The video above shows you a pair of Gerbing gloves being ‘unboxed’.

Gerbing Heated Gloves

“What do I need to do to get the gloves to work?”

First, make sure that you have the right fuse in the harness. Always use the lowest rated fuse that is rated above your total calculated current draw: There is an easy-to-understand instructions sheet supplied with the battery harness to explain what that means. The choice of fuse basically depends on how many Gerbing items you are powering.

You need to attach the wire harness to your motorcycles battery. The red lead attaches to the positive terminal and the black lead attaches to the negative terminal. Be careful with motorbikes where disconnecting the battery causes problems with the onboard computer or alarm system.

Once your motorbike is running and you are ready to go, you need to plug one end of the junior controller wiring into the gloves and the other end into the socket end of the wire harness. The junior controller allows you to adjust the temperature inside the gloves; while tempting, avoid keeping your gloves powered at full throttle! The highest setting is for the warm-up phase of the first minute only!

“What else do I need to know about Gerbing heated clothing products?”

We have put a detailed guide together to make it simpler for you to buy Gerbing heated gear with the confidence that you know upfront what you are getting into (it’s not difficult, honest!). Below you find the links to those guides:

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  1. That’s what I always wondered.. eventually I realised the simplicity after asking in the shop – and jumped in and bought them. In my mind I’d invented complications that just didn’t exist. And they’re excellent. Thanks

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