Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Gloves – Your Alternatives

Riding in Winter you learn that the body parts that feel the cold first are your hands. After only 20-30 minutes on the road in low temperatures, even well-insulated fingers start to go numb from grabbing ice cold levers as you navigate traffic and change gears.

Last updated Wed 18 October 2019

Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Gloves: What’s changed?

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Gerbing stopped selling its heated gloves range on the UK High Street for 2021. So what are your alternatives?

The latest heated gloves to beat Gerbing heated gloves: Your 2021 options

Gerbing heated motorcycle gloves come in both men’s and ladies’ styles and sizes. Each pair has everything you need straight in the box to power and temperature-control the gloves from the motorcycle battery. This is done by a direct cable connection from the vehicle battery. That tends to be the most reliable and warm option if you ride throughout Winter. And, the latest models feature improvements over previous versions and quite possibly are the best heated gloves out there:

What’s new:

  • New MicroWirePRO:
    A stronger, more flexible heating wire mesh distributes heat more evenly. Warmer: The new mesh gives out more heat from the same amount of power. And, it is more comfortable to wear as a result.
  • Built-in temperature controllers:
    Incorporated into the cuff, the 3-stage temperature controller no longer dangles down the side of the bike. Instead, you get a tidy solution as part of the cuff that lets you control temperatures for each hand separately. The 3 settings are 33%, 66% and full power (100%).
  • Improved battery-powered performance:
    Direct-from-motorcycle-battery is always the best solution for heated gloves. For 2020, 3 of the 4 Gerbing glove styles can take a rechargeable battery kit as an alternative power source. You can purchase different ‘strengths’ of rechargeable batteries; The most powerful battery packs will power your heated gloves for 9 hours on the 33% heat setting!

What stays:

All Gerbing gloves offer a lifetime guarantee on the MicroWirePRO heating mesh, feature highly flexible heating panels across the back of the hand and then passing down each finger for maximum warmth, and are reliably waterproof.


Gerbing XRL heated gloves

Gerbing XRL heated gloves

These are the top of the range heated gloves from Gerbing: The Gerbing XRL style replaces the hugely popular XR12 gloves from previous seasons.

Stand-out features: All leather, deep cuffed gloves powered from the motorcycle battery or by rechargeable batteries (purchase separately).


Gerbing XR heated gloves

Gerbing XR heated gloves

The Gerbing XR gloves replace the best-selling Gerbing XRS12 gloves. The combination of mid-length cuff and good value makes this style brilliant for regular commuter riders. Only available as direct-to-bike-battery connection.

Stand-out features: All leather, mid-length cuffed gloves powered from the motorcycle battery.


Gerbing GT heated gloves

Gerbing GT heated gloves

The best choice for scooter riders: Forget the direct-to-motorcycle-battery wiring delivered with these gloves. Instead, run the Gerbing GT gloves on one of the rechargeable battery options (purchase separately). No need to mess with the electrics!

Stand-out features: All leather, mid-length cuff gloves powered from the motorcycle or from rechargeable batteries.


Gerbing XRW Ladies heated gloves

Gerbing XRW heated gloves

One for the ladies: The Gerbing XRW gloves are delivered with direct-to-motorcycle-battery wiring and can be powered from separately available rechargeable battery kits. The first set of ladies-only heated motorcycle gloves!

Stand-out features: Ladies textile & leather, deep cuffed gloves powered from the motorcycle or from rechargeable batteries.


Gerbing OT heated glove liners

If we were unable to convince you to part with money for one of the latest and best heated motorcycle gloves from Gerbing, then there is always this: the heated gloves liner. But, remember that you need space to accommodate this layer inside your gloves!

Stand-out features: Textile mid-length cuff glove liners powered from the motorcycle battery!


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Who are Gerbing?

Gerbing Heated Clothing

Gerbing heated motorcycle gloves are designed and manufactured by Gerbing, a specialist manufacturer of heated clothing. The company has developed and refined the MicroWire heating mesh, which is its signature feature. What makes Gerbing unique is the life-time guarantee on the MicroWire heating elements: They are guaranteed to last the life of the garment. GetGeared is one of the UK’s largest Gerbing retailers.

See the Gerbing heated gloves range here.


  1. Gerbing heated gloves are great I’ve had mine for almost 6 years now. One of the gloves stopped working because I kept bending the cable on the left glove because I was tucking away the excess into the cuff every time. But I’ve just paid them £28 all in for them to replace those cables and they work as usual so I’m happy, these are a great investment if you want to ride in colder weather.

    Like now in January we still get nice sunny days sometimes but it may only get up to 8 degrees during the day, with these gloves I can ride comfortably down to 0 degrees easily, just watch out for ice!
    Seriously get a pair of heated gloves, it’ll mean you can ride your bike a lot more in winter and you won’t just leave it sat there over winter.

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