Last year we ran our first ever #GreatBritishCarveOff and scores of you got involved! We had some absolutely phenomenal entries and we were absolutely amazed by some of the pumpkin carving talent that clearly exists in our customer base.

An entire year has gone by since Nick won with his Pulp Fiction masterpiece [See that here], and we’d like to invite you all to get involved again this year!

Getting involved is really easy;

  1. Carve your pumpkin
  2. Take a picture of your finished creation!
  3. Show it to us on facebook or twitter using the hashtags #greatbritishcarveoff #GetGeared.

The pumpkin with the most likes on our social channels will win a £50 gift voucher to spend with us. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday the 1st of November 2017.

If you’d like some inspiration you can see the entries from last year here.

Need a few pointers? Follow our simple step by step guide below to carve a fantastic looking pumpkin!

Step one: Decide which bike you want on your pumpkin and pick a pumpkin large enough.

Step two: Carefully cut out the top of the pumpkin to make a lid. Make sure the hole is big enough that you can fit your hand inside the pumpkin with ease.


Step three: Scoop out the inside of the pumpkin including the seeds. Scrape the inside of the wall you will be carving into. The thinner the wall the more light will shine through. Once you’ve done all of this, give your pumpkin a wipe on the outside, so you have a clean base to draw onto.

0afdb736ac1d08af436fb24b3d7417042d462c9fa8284b4a59pimgpsh_fullsize_distrStep four: Draw the bike onto your pumpkin. Shade the parts you want to completely cut out.

(CHEAT: If you’re not very good at freehand drawing, you can print your bike of choice in black and white to make into a stencil. Cut into the lines of the stencil on the pumpkin to create an outline that you can use as a guide.)

Step five: Cut along all the lines of the bike to make an outline. Starting with the smaller areas, push through the pieces so the bike starts to take shape.

Step six: Once you have pushed out all the main pieces, gentley scrape away the other areas to create detail on the bike. Make sure to scrape out the areas that are meant to be lighter. The lighter you want the area to be, the deeper. you need to carve.


Step seven: When you’ve done this it’s time to get your candle.Turn out the lights to reveal your motorbike pumpkin! Carefully carve any final details into your pumpkin.

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