1/ You liked to get there

TomTom Rider 410 Great Ride - Europe/World Maps

TomTom Rider 410

The new operating system made the new Tom-Tom Rider 410 an instant winner, by far outselling other models and brands (and you were adventurous, choosing the World Maps edition!)

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2/ You liked to talk

Interphone F5MC Twin Pack

Interphone’s premium twin pack ranked above all other communication devices, enabling communication between pillion and rider or from bike to bike.

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3/ You liked to take the rough with the smooth

Forma Adventure Boots WP - Brown
<h2Forma Adventure Boots

Forma’s lightweight & expedition-proving adv boots left all others trailing behind (excuse the pun), not least because of the superior deep tread sole.

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4/ Held reinvented its boots range

Held Boots Joblin Outdry 8565 WP - BlackHeld Joblin OutDry Boots

Held introduced its range of Outdry footwear and the Joblin boots were an instant hit, being sold out for most of the year and still making it into the best-sellers list

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5/ The bestselling clothing outfit fits with your adventure spirit

Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket WP - BlackAlpinestars Andes Drystar Outfit

The Andes outfit from Alpinestars brings the superior DryStar membrane into almost everybody’s financial reach, no wonder it sold so well (but if you haven’t got yours yet, get your hands on them quickly: the new version is launched this spring at a higher price)

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6/ 2016 saw a new motorcycle clothing brand mark its territory

Dane Lyngby Trousers GTX Pro - BlackDane Lyngby Trousers

Dane Gore-Tex clothing received rave reviews in the motorcycle press and not surprisingly many of you were tempted to give a new contender a shot (Dane Lyngby trousers and Osted jacket are definitely worth a second look if you’re serious about all-year riding)

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7/ And, it is great to see a different brand head up the winter gloves leader board

Rev'It! Taurus Gloves GTX - Black

Rev’It! Taurus Gloves

The Rev It! Taurus Gore-Tex gloves kept more hands warm this winter than at any time before, beating the traditional staple of established winter mittens (mainly because of the great fit)

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8/ In other departments the good old faithfuls have won again

ACF-50 369g Corrosion Protector Spray Can

ACF 50 Corrosion Spray

The standard defence against winter, ACF 50 beats all other options (again) to keep your metal shiny (although Scottoiler’s FS 365 is worth a shout-out, even though it is far less popular)

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9/ For all you tinkerers, this is what kept your hands clean

Swarfega Original Hand Cleaner - Green

Swarfega Original Hand Cleaner

Swarfega hand wash is not the topic of many conversations, but it should not be amiss in any bikers home (even if your tinkering is limited to cleaning the chain!)

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10/ Despite being one of the wettest years on record …

Alpinestars El Nino Rain Suit

Alpinestars El Nino Rain Suit

… you did not have much use for rainwear: this touring quality suit from Alpinestars leads the waterproofs brigade in terms of sales, but in general rain wear purchases were muted compared to previous years. » See product details


11/ Held continues to protect your bikes

Held Cover 9003 VentedHeld 9003 Cover

If a quality cover is required, the Held 9003 cover was the first port of call as it has been in previous years: Why change something that does its job so well?

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12/ And finally: You were the most generous this year!

 GetGeared Gift Voucher

A record amount of GetGeared gift cards were gifted to fellow bikers in 2016

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