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The brothers Held founded the Held gloves manufacture in Bavaria in 1946 out of post-war necessity. Now, the company is one of the leading European brands for motorcycle gloves, clothing & accessories. Head quartered in the South of Germany, Held made its name as early as the mid-Sixties in the design, innovation and production of motorcycle gloves. The brand has been awarded the Motorrad ‘Best Brand’ award in the motorbike gloves category 12x in succession since 2006. That is some consistent performance!

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GetGeared is the largest stockist and retailer for Held motorcycle gloves and accessories in the UK.

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Held Motorcycle Gloves

  • Held was founded in 1946
  • Enduro gloves for Erwin Schmieder put Held motorcycle gloves on the map in 1979
  • Held reinvented racing gloves for Toni Mang in 1983, who went on to win 5 MotoGP championships wearing them
  • Held track gloves benefitted from Carbon knuckle protection since 2001, as worn by Andrew Pitt on the WSBS circuit and, famously, Akira Yanagawa
  • In 2005, Held refined the protection its motorcycle gloves enjoyed with the introduction of Kevlar and kangaroo leather
  • A complex Titanium shell was added in 2009 to cover and protect knuckles alongside the now established Kevlar and impact-absorbing padding

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