RiDE Magazine put a selection of intercoms through their paces. Read the review below to see why the Interphone F5MC was awarded the RiDE best buy triangle, and the Interphone F3MC was awarded the RiDE recommended triangle


The Interphone F5MC is for motorcyclists who enjoy travelling in a couple or a group. Anycom is a new innovative function, which means the F5MC can communicate with all intercom devices of different brands in full duplex mode (in order to use the Anycom feature, the pairing on the other unit must be done as a phone). It also has an auto reconnection system, so if a friend goes out of range it automatically tries to reconnect to the intercom. It allows conference calls with up to 4 users.

The Interphone F5MC is equipped with multimedia functionality due to the FM Radio with RDS and cable connections for MP3 players (iPod)/Bluetooth with A2DP profile. Improved performances for FM radio receiver, with a single press to search new FM stations, and a long press to store them. It is also equipped with TTS (Text To Speech in multi lingual status) which gives status updates and makes it very comfortable and totally safe for the motorcyclist to use.The F5MC is available in single or double models and is easily mounted on any type of helmet.

RiDE Review:The F5MC does it all, its large buttons are easy to find. Fitting is easy, with a choice of a clamp or sticky mount. Usefully, the twin pack comes with a twin unit charger so you can charge both from one lead. Pairing with anything is the easiest on test, even third party systems. Sound quality is almost as good as the Autocom. The voice prompts make the F5MC so good to use: as you press a button, it tells you what the choices are. It streams music to both kits and identifies phone contacts who call.

Verdict: Does everything and easy to use




The innovative Interphone F3MC offers Bluetooth hands free wireless communication, both via intercom with your passenger, and your mobile phone. The Interphone F3MC twin pack has two Bluetooth units that are easily installed on any helmet, with logical and functional controls, it even comes with the prestigious RiDE Magazine recommendation, so you know it’s going to be good! Besides the Intercom function, the FM3C allows you to reproduce audio instructions from motorcycle GPS units. The unit is fully waterproof and resistant to impacts and dust.

The F3MC is available in single or double models and is easily mounted on any type of helmet.

RiDE Review: Fitting, build quality, excellent instructions and design are identical to F5MC. What the F3MC does without is conference intercom for multiple users and no FM radio. But you still get the voice prompts telling you what buttons you have to press to perform a task, which makes using it so much easier. And you get the same high-quality sound as the F5MC, the music streaming so that both can listen to one music input. Will pair with third-party devices.

Verdict: No radio, but otherwise extremely good for the money.



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