Revit Tracer

We can completely understand if you are confused. This really is a shirt that has the technical functionality of a jacket!

The Revit Tracer was released by our friends at Rev’it in 2016. This Rev’it overshirt is protective, looks the part, and feels fantastic on! It has a very understated theme in order to really pull off that casual look. The good news is that Rev’it have managed to pull this look off without really trading away protection. It fits like a shirt, it looks like a shirt, it feels like a shirt, but its going to protect you like a jacket.

The outer material is Cordura Denim just like you will have seen used in the Revit Orlando jeans. Don’t let the Denim word put you off, you’re not going to be looking like someone in a Western movie! It doesn’t really look like a denim shirt at all. The outer fabric is a combination of Cotton and Cordura making it highly abrasion resistant. The whole thing is then backed with PWR shield, which an Aramid fibre product, that was specifically developed by Rev’it for its clothing.

The main thing that makes PWR shield different is that it’s airy. Most Aramid/Kevlar kind of materials are hot, they make you feel hot when exposed to the sun, and quite quickly can become uncomfortable. This shirt is obviously warmer than a standard t-shirt, buts it’s not hot and heavy.

It has a button front, backed by a zip. Whilst the zip takes away from the ‘shirt’ theme, it’s obviously needed for protection, it is hidden though to ensure the look is maintained. The inside of the shirt is lined, so that your skin doesn’t make direct contact with the Aramid. It even comes equipped with a short zip, so that you can connect it to your trousers. A standout feature for us is that it also comes with a system allowing you to connect it to your standard belt loops on a pair of jeans, meaning it wont ride up whilst you’re riding.

So far, that all sounds very ‘shirty’, here’s where it starts to act like a jacket; You’ve got triple stitching on the impact seams, you’ve got Rev’it Seesoft Armour as standard at the shoulders and elbows. You can even upgrade the back protector with a Rev It! Seesoft RV Lev-2 Back Insert. Again, don’t be put off by the armour, It’s super soft, unlike most armour, you really can’t feel it, or even see that it’s there whilst wearing the shirt. Lastly, you have light reflective strips on the back of the elbows, it really doesn’t take away from the casual look of the shirt, but Rev’it obviously didn’t want to remove such a basic yet essential safety feature.

Overall we are really impressed with this innovative product, it genuinely gives the protection you’d expect of a jacket, with the look and feel of a shirt. If you want this casual look, whilst maintaining protection, there is no better product.



  1. Looks great and am interested but give us a clue, I’ve had xxl with a 40″ chest and xxl with a 54″ chest. What is this xxl? Can’t seem to find a size chart.

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