RevIts latest gear

High in the fashion stakes, Rev It have taken style to a whole new level with their new range of fashionable motorcycle jackets. As expected, this new Revit gear promises city style and motorcycling functionality. For 2017, Revit have also refreshed their casual shoes range, including some of their best sellers, what does that mean to you? There’s been some small design changes that have a huge impact on their looks, for the better of course. Make a statement on and off the bike in RevIt’s new motorcycle gear, you’ll be able to step off the bike and blend into city life seamlessly.

If you’re all about style, this is the product launch you’ve been waiting for! When it comes to fashion it’s all about who gets it first and you’ll be able to be one of the first in the UK if you shop with us. You’ll be able to purchase the latest Rev’It motorcycle gear from 1st September at and we’ll send you an email to remind you when it’s launched!

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