Never store your motorcycle helmet somewhere it can be easily knocked off or dropped. Never leave your helmet on your handlebars, mirrors or seat as these are places helmets are often knocked off from.

Ensure your helmet is not stored near a heat source, cleaning fluids, exhaust fumes or near petrol.

It is not wise to store your motorcycle gloves inside your helmet, they can ruin the helmet’s interior: they make your helmet smell and more importantly can deteriorate the EPS liner. Velcro fastenings on your gloves can also stick to the lining and cause damage.

Avoid leaving your helmet in direct sunlight as this can cause the shell to weaken over time.


You clean your motorcycle, so why wouldn’t you clean your helmet? No one wants to put their head into a smelly helmet, but the smell isn’t the only reason you should keep the inside of your helmet clean. The interior of your helmet can deteriorate over time when exposed to sweat, dirt and other bacteria, this will compromise the safety. If you are unable to remove your lining, sanitisers will help keep your helmet interior clean.

It’s important to keep the outside of your helmet clean so, that the shell doesn’t weaken. Dirt and flies can cause damage to the protective coating on the outside of your motorcycle helmet. Only ever use cleaning products designed for cleaning motorcycle helmets or mild soapy water. Avoid any petroleum-based cleaning fluids, especially if you own a polycarbonate helmet. Exposure to strong cleaning agents can cause the helmets shell to deteriorate and lose its protective properties.

It’s important to keep your visor clean and avoid scratches. A scratched visor can be difficult to see through. At night, it can dangerously distort your vision and your view of oncoming lights.


If your helmet has any moving parts to prolong the life it’s best to lubricate these parts.

Lubricate the working parts of your visor mechanism with silicon grease, remember to wipe off any excess to prevent further damaging your helmet.

You may also need to lubricate the seal around your visor aperture occasionally. Do this sparingly and wipe away any excess.


Avoid putting stickers on your helmet, some adhesives can weaken the shell of your helmet.

If you want to personalise your helmet, leave it to the professionals. They will have specialist paint and be able to ensure your helmets safety isn’t compromised.


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