Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at REALRIDER HQ with this week’s guest video blog from the team themselves.

Used by over 25,000 bikers, REALRIDER® is the motorcycle App that keeps riders safe and connected. Its unique 999-integrated crash detection connects you directly to the nearest ambulance service in your time of need, automatically sending your last known location and pre-programmed medical details to paramedics within minutes of a crash, commanding ambulance dispatch within 30 minutes.

The App also features worldwide route recording, the ability to plan, store and share routes and locations and a facility to store critical bike information in one place. Plus get MOT and service reminders straight from your phone or create social media alerts if your bike is stolen.

Get protected with this essential bit of biking kit. Download the App for free on iOS and Android and begin sharing your motorcycling adventures now.

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