Metropolitan Police Launch #SecureYourScooter campaign


With over 8,000 scooters stolen in London last year, the Met Police have launched an awareness campaign to encourage riders to lock up their scooters. They have produced a new hard-hitting short film to show just how brazen these motorcycle thieves are. With the help of a former bike thief they have gained valuable insight into not only the motivations behind committing these crimes, but also how best to avoid becoming a victim of them. You can view the video here:

The main take aways from this video are:

  • Don’t rely on your steering lock, they can break it in a heartbeat.
  • 1 Lock is no longer viewed as a deterrent but an opportunity
  • 2 Locks are an instant ‘put off’ due to the additional time involved.

So, whilst its unfortunate that we have to think this way, the best way to avoid being a targetted by motorcycle thieves is 2 locks. That is by no means fool proof, there are more sophisticated criminals out there that will have the facilities to simply lift the bike, locks and all, those kind of thieves can only be put off with the addition of things like Ground Anchors. If, however you don’t own a superbike and are simply wanting to protect yourselves from these opportunist thieves in and about London, the answer seems pretty clear. Double lock your bike!

We came across the following image produced by the Police, and we think it sums this up pretty nicely.

Visible security makes your bike less visible to thieves

We have a range of locks available starting at just £21.99. For additional protection, you could also consider an ‘alarmed lock’. These locks let off a siren when tampered with alerting any passers by that something is wrong. It’s just an extra way to ensure that any bike thieves have less time trying to break the lock before someone notices what they’re up to. Our range of alarm locks start from just £26.99 (Currently on offer reduced from £36.99) with the Oxford Screamer Alarm Disc Lock. This lock lets out a 100dB alarm when tampered with, spooking the thief, and alerting people around them.

So take advantage of our current offer, #SecureYourScooter and #SecureYourBike today!


  1. People don’t respond to alarms now, it’s not safe to. You risk getting acid, a bat or knife heading your way. The only thing they do is stick phone on record and post it up to get likes.
    It won’t be long before agleam thieves start ‘falling’ off of stolen machines and then they’ll be the ones limping to the police for help and prosecuting the initial victims. Something needs to be done before it turns really nasty.

  2. It seems that the police are abrogating their duty and placing it back on the shoulders of the public. They always say leave the Law to us ,but fail to prosecute it efficiently. Should you to injure one of these thieves in the prevention of the prosecution of a theft the Police would very quickly arrest and charge you with assault. Their advice is great news for the lock manufacturers and insurers . Alarms are a complete waste of time and space but insurers insist on them, good news for the manufacturers of alarms . Who says crime does not pay eh ?

  3. The police does nothing to help us! Got my xmax stolen it was recovered thanks to the tracking system installed on it. Yet again those guys tried again to steal it I have 2 locks on it and still didn’t put them off. Once again I got a call a phone from the tracking company that alerted me off movement on my scooter which just saved me from having it stolen again. Chains can be cut through in no time, alarms are waste of time. London is sadly becoming unsafe to drive around and own a motorcycle…

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