Relaxed Straight Drainpipe Super-Skinny Carrot-Twist

5 Motorcycle Jeans fits you need to know about

Relaxed Fit

The relaxed fit is the most comfortable of all the Kevlar jeans cuts. The loose fit all around and the distinct bootleg is great for comfort but does billow slightly on the bike at high speeds.

Straight Fit

The straight fit is the most traditional of all the Kevlar jeans cut, think Levi’s 501. One of the best-selling styles for men, this Kevlar jeans cut has a slight hint of bootleg.

Drainpipe Fit

The Drain-pipe fit is quickly becoming a fashion favourite among men. These slim-fitting Kevlar jeans are not skin tight but don’t billow at high speeds.

Super-Skinny Fit

The super-skinny fit is just like your typical fashion skinny jeans. These Kevlar jeans have skin contact all the way through the jeans and are usual made with stretch denim for easy manoeuvrability on the bike.

Carrot-Twist Fit

One of the most fashionable Kevlar jeans cuts. The carrot-twist is shaped like a carrot. Slightly baggier around the hips and tight around the hem.

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