Motorcycle License Explained

From CBT Test to Motorcycle License: Everything you need to know

Getting from zero to hero with your motorcycle license can be confusing. Here is how you pass your motorbike test and qualify to ride a motorcycle or scooter.

The different motorcycle license types: Which one is right for you?

“Obtaining your motorcycle or moped licence is a great personal achievement” – Editor, GoCompare

To start with, getting on the road to your motorcycle license is partly a question of age and partly a question of what you want to do on your bike down the line.

Follow this easy infographic to see the main pathways to pass your motorbike test. Don’t be discouraged by the apparent complexity of it all: Once you are on your own 2 wheels, that part is forgotten and in the past, and it will be so worth it. Seeing the world seated on the seat of a motorcycle changes your perspective on life!

Motorcycle license explained


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