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Nexx. Not Afraid To Be Bold, Not Afraid To Be Different

Nexx helmets have quietly been building themselves a stellar reputation. They’re adventurous, design-led, and have the ability to respond quickly to changing trends. Their range of helmets has something for every budget. They look fabulous and perform superbly – all the while meeting or exceeding current safety standards.

What’s particularly gratifying from GetGeared’s perspective is that Nexx are a 100% European manufacturer. Their main base for manufacture and distribution is in Portugal.

It’s no surprise then that they display an intimate understanding of what European motorcyclists want and need. Japanese, American and other helmet makers produce globally exciting products, but there’s nothing quite like a European view of things. Places like Italy, Spain and Portugal are known for passion and energy, and those emotions are reflected in Nexx helmets.

Still, with a history that goes back less than twenty years, it’s no surprise that some motorcyclists – particularly in the UK – know little or nothing about them. Let’s put that right.

From Zero To World-Beaters In Under 20 Years

Nexx Helmets was founded in 2001 by Hélder Loureiro, a man with a passion for the world of motorcycling. Hélder worked for many years with another helmet brand, gaining invaluable experience. However, he saw weaknesses in the products themselves. Although plastic helmets were cheap, they were inherently flawed. Fibre helmets had great structural strength, but the only European manufacturers were the Italians. Their helmets were, for many, prohibitively expensive.

Hélder also thought the market was stagnant. Designs seldom changed. Technology didn’t seem to be moving forward. Together with three other investors, Hélder set about creating something different. In their own words, something “Differentiable, Unmistakable, Unique.”

Nexx Helmets was born

But it wasn’t an easy birth. Portuguese bureaucracy is legendary, and starting a business in the country requires a certain determination! With no historical helmet manufacturing, skilled labour was hard to find. In some ways, that was actually a benefit. People could be trained “the Nexx way.” Exemplary standards and attention to detail were part of the culture from day one.

“A Helmet For Life”: a brand full of new ideas

Along with new people came new production techniques, and new methods of fibre construction. Instead of Thermoplatics with their known weaknesses, Nexx create their budget-friendly helmets using Advanced Thermosetting Resin (ATR). The resulting shell has the high fatigue strength that’s vital, and also has what’s called “tailored elasticity.” It helps absorb and dissipate impact forces.


Along with the recognized strength of fibreglass, and the renowned lightness and structural integrity of carbon, Nexx also introduced a new material combination: the X-Matrix. It’s a unique multi-layered combination of multiaxial fibreglass, 3D organic fibres, aramid fibres and carbon. It gives enormous strength, and is much lighter than traditional products.

Advanced materials technology is only one part of a successful equation. You also need the facilities for top-class production standards. While it’s tempting to take advantage of the savings offered by manufacturing in the Far East, Nexx remain 100% European. At Amoreira da Gândara in central Portugal, they’ve built a high-tech “smart factory,” currently employing 200 local people. It utilizes the latest information technology and automation to increase productivity while reduce energy consumption. There’s also a significant investment in research and development. It allows Nexx to bring designs to the motorcycling public quicker, while actually improving quality. As riders, we benefit from a constant flow of stunning new designs and safer helmets.

Nexx: Style, from Urban to Adventure Travel

Nexx have been particularly successful with their urban helmets. It’s a diverse and fascinating range that, according to the company’s figures, accounts for upwards of 60% of the European market. That popularity has brought some interesting tie-ups. In 2010 Nexx became the first company to make helmets under license for Hugo Boss. In 2012, Swarovski crystals graced a special edition Nexx helmet. In 2015, in partnership with Touratech, they introduced a premium enduro helmet to the US market. Nexx tell us that other exciting collaborations are on the way, but they won’t tell us what they are yet!

There has also been considerable growth. Nexx Helmets UK and Nexx North America help spread the word internationally. Nexx are now a truly global supplier, offering helmets for sale in sixty countries.

Brand with a Purpose

The Nexx motto is “A Helmet For Life.” It’s not a comment on how long they expect them to last! This is about the principles that guide the company. It’s about their pride in the “Made in Europe” badge. It’s about the philosophy of Hélder Loureiro that guides the business. A helmet protects your life, but it does more than that. Comfort makes it a pleasure to wear. Style makes you feel good.

Nexx are loyal to their roots. Their workforce is local. Production supports their native economy. It’s not just about making great helmets, it’s about doing everything the right way.

High Points From Nexx Helmets

  1. One of few remaining European manufacturers.
  2. 100% control over production standards.
  3. Unique, ground-breaking style combined with unbeatable safety.
  4. An intimate understanding of what European riders want, and a commitment to provide it.
  5. Innovative, constantly evolving designs.
  6. Passion, flair and even a touch of humour.
  7. Valuable accessories that match your riding style.

Nexx Helmets UK and GetGeared

GetGeared are among the top motorcycle clothing distributors in the UK. We’re in a fortunate position of being able to choose who we work with. As a result, we will only offer products made to exceptional standards.

Our partnership with Nexx Helmets UK allows us to stock a truly exciting and unique range of helmets. We’re extremely impressed with the after-sales support they provide their customers. We’re committed to helping their continued growth.

In the end it’s all about bringing you the best possible helmet, at affordable prices. Few brands do that as well as Nexx. Time for a closer look at their extensive range.

Urban Cred

Nexx helmets have always had a strong presence in the urban helmet sector. Their original SX.60 can trace its roots back to the early years of the company. There are now a dozen variants to choose from, with some, like the Denim, showing how Nexx handle style in uniquely fashionable ways. Don’t think it’s just about the look though. This is a tough Advanced Thermoplastic Resin shell delivering maximum safety as well. There’s the SX.60 Kids range too – providing first-class fibreglass protection for children. The SX.10 collection is chic fun. There’s clever venting, dual vizors, and a slim profile specifically to fit scooter panniers. The X.70 is pure class and absolute integrity thanks to the X-Matrix shell. There’s even a choice of flat or bubble visor. All Nexx urban helmets feature removable, washable high-comfort liners.

Urban Value

Nexx include the clever SX.100 in their urban range. For us, it’s definitely high-class sports tourer. The shell is tough but lightweight ATR. Sharp aerodynamic styling gives stability at speed. Ventilation ducting channels cooling air around you chin and over your head. It’s combined with a special air chamber in the EPS liner, giving the long-term comfort you need for all day riding.

Classics With Class

You might call it retro, Nexx call it Garage. It’s the fab 50’s, cool 60’s and funky 70’s captured in modern materials. The X.G10 is the classic open-face but with today’s advanced X-Matrix shell. Wear it bare, or fit it with peak, visor, or both. The X.G100 is it’s full-face sibling. You can fit this with a shield made of PX Lexan for superior optical clarity. Leather bands and popper attachments complete the authentic period look. The X.G100R takes things to an ever higher standard with a choice of full carbon or X-Matrix for the shell, an unbreakable, anti-scratch PX Lexan visor, chin deflector and ventilation system. The X.G200 takes retro into the dirt. This is a lightweight off-road helmet with a two-position peak, plus a ventilated and specially reinforced chin piece.

All Garage range helmets feature double D-ring chin straps. They’re long-lasting, simple and flawless. Garage helmets also benefit from stitched interiors that combine classic style with modern comforts. The X-Mart fabric dries twice as fast as cotton, and has high insulation properties. It’s also anti-allergic, anti-sweat, removable and washable.

Built For Speed

Nexx currently produce one racing helmet. When you get it just right, there’s no need to offer alternatives. The X.R2 is all about making rapid progress with maximum safety. Carbon versions weigh just 1250 grams. X-Matrix models just 100 grams more. Carefully tested and refined aerodynamics mean it’s super slippery as well as super light. The Air Dynamic System provides not just excellent ventilation but great acoustic protection too. The visor aperture is one of the widest on the market, offering an unrivaled field of view. The Pinlock and tear-off compatible visor fits with such precision it’s like a hermetic seal. The advantages of X-Mart lining are again utilized, guaranteeing comfort whether it’s hot or cold.

Go Anywhere

You could say that Nexx only make one adventure helmet. On the other hand, with a choice of three shell sizes and four different EPS liners, you could say the X.WED2 adventure helmet is almost custom-tailored to fit anybody! When you’re crossing different terrains and encountering different climates, you want a helmet that protects, but doesn’t impact on your riding. The X-Matrix shell is super-tough, yet remarkably light for an ADV helmet. The peak has been developed as part of the aerodynamics and ventilation. It increases airflow, but reduces buffeting. It can also support an action camera! A lot of thought has gone into the details on the X.WED2. Air intake vents can be operated easily, even with thick gloves. The liner prevents drafts, and keeps noise levels down, yet allows excellent ventilation. An additional sun visor provides an 80% tint to eliminate hazardous glare. In the event of an accident, the helmet’s chin area has been designed to reduce impact to the chest. There’s also a quick-release strap for fast removal with minimum head and neck disturbance. Nexx only make one dual sport helmet – it’s all you need.

Ride All Day

What do you expect from the ultimate touring helmet? Nexx have the answer with the beautifully crafted X.WST2. It’s forerunner, the XT1 has attained almost legendary status with some long distance riders, but Nexx are never satisfied. The X-Matrix shell gives superior strength. A choice of three shell sizes delivers the optimum fit. Aerodynamics allow easy movement at town speeds, and are supportive on the open road. Ventilation has been re-designed for increased flow, so air gets changed faster and never feels stale. Even the high-comfort EPS liner has become part of the more efficient system. The extra sun visor is button operated, so it’s simple to use with the thickest gloves. The X-block quick-release visor attachment (now introduced on several other models), provides a secure lock, yet changing takes moments and needs no tools. Should the unfortunate happen, an emergency strap in each cheek pad gives medical professionals fast access without increased risk of injury.

Modular Marvel

The X40 Hypertech is like transformers for motorcyclists! A full-face helmet one moment, a proper 3/4 open-face the next. The chin piece is detachable. You have a choice of visor or peak (removing the visor takes less than 8 seconds). Of course it all comes with Nexx highest levels of protection and comfort. The shell is X-Matrix. The chin is reinforced polymer. The adaptive ventilation system can be operated with one hand, as can the additional sun visor. If you think safety might be compromised by such a radical design, don’t worry. The X40 is one of few helmets fully homologated with both P& J approvals. That means it exceeds British Standards in both full- and open-face modes. Urban, retro, street or touring, you choose. There really is nothing quite like it.

Clear Comms

We finish our Nexx helmet review with a look at their Bluetooth communication technology. The versatile SX-COM2 fits the X.70, SX60 and SX10 helmets, offering an intercom range of 200 metres. It provides easy-to-use controls, with individual volume adjustment. Among a whole range of useful features there’s a multi-point option, allowing two phones, or a phone and a GPS to be used simultaneously. It’s been future-proofed via upgradeable firmware, which can be updated automatically using the Nexx Device Manager.

The sleek X-COM doesn’t just look advanced. This Bluetooth helmet system is made to fit the X.WED2, X.WST2 and SX100 helmets and provides person-to-person communication for up to 900 metres. 4-way conferencing and 3-way conference phone calling are just two of a remarkably extensive feature set. It incorporates voice, GPS and music functions too. This is motorcycle communications at a whole new level!

Time For A Nexx?

Here at GetGeared it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about motorcycle helmets! We work with the world’s best manufacturers. We see every new design, every technical advancement.

Much of what we see is similar, but occasionally a brand comes along and does things a bit differently. While all helmets have certain things in common, that doesn’t mean the finished item has to be the same. Nexx helmets are big on “wow” factor, and it shows in the ingenuity of their designs.

Graphics and style are perhaps their stand-out feature, but those are the finishing touches on a sensational core product. Fabulous visuals meet extraordinary safety. They’re technically accomplished too. Advanced aerodynamics and venting ensure comfort and performance to go with the flair.

If you already know Nexx, you won’t need persuading. If you don’t, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at what this exciting helmet brand has to offer.

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