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REV’IT! Motorcycle Clothing – Inspiring You To Ride

Rev’It! motorcycle gear may not have been around as long as some of its competitors, but in a comparatively short time the brand has developed a tremendous following.

With good reason. Rev’It! delivers innovative design, superb fit, and unbeatable levels of safety – without the premium prices some other brands demand. It’s an approach that’s been part of the company’s ethos right from the start.

As probably the leading Rev’It! clothing dealer in the UK, we thought we’d take a “behind the scenes” look at their fascinating story.

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Obsessed With The ‘Why?’

When Dutchman Ivan Vos started Rev’It! in 1995, he was already one of The Netherland’s top importers of motorcycle gear. He’d seen what was on offer and he identified a gap in the market. There was plenty of cheap bike gear around, produced with little care. There were also well-designed and well-made alternatives – but at high prices.

Get more for your money

The target was best-in-class functionality, at best-in-class value. It’s been part of the Rev’It! DNA from the start, and it’s just as important a factor today.
Ivan decided to pitch Rev’It! as a value-for-money brand, but one that refused to compromise on quality. Rather than make something cheaper, he wanted to provide the very best performance for the money. That is what the brand ethos stands for: With Rev’It! you get more for your money.

Be inspired by what you buy

Ivan Vos also introduced another element into the equation. His brand wouldn’t just be about what the company did – making motorcycle clothing – it would also be about why they did it. He understood the passion people have for motorcycling, and he wanted to create products that supported that passion. His commitment was to create motorcycle gear that felt so good, and worked so well, that it actually made you want to get out on the bike. He wanted to inspire people to ride.

Exceptional Component Quality

Controlling quality

From the very beginning, the Rev-It! approach to design and manufacture has been one of fastidious attention to detail. No component went to production until it had been checked at the company’s main warehouse in Oss, Netherlands. Material was pre-cut; Zips, and even yarn, was quality-checked. Checking components is not necessarily unique, making sure that quality assurance is a headquarters function, now that is a commitment to detail and quality second to none.

Improving function

You can still see that principle in action today. You might think a stud buttons is just a stud button, but on Rev’It! motorcycle clothing they’re mounted on tape. It doesn’t just make them more durable, it makes them easier for you to use with your gloves on.

New Company, New Concepts, New Levels Of Safety

From the turn of the millennium, Rev’It! accelerated its development as a brand, but also as a company. A new business, Rev’It! Sport International B.V., was born. Greater investment meant more people, better systems and the ability to develop new ideas faster.

Using technology to challenge conventions

With that investment came new approaches that looked fresh at just how motorcycle clothing should be designed and crafted. Using ground-breaking 3D systems for advanced product engineering, the whole construction of Rev’It! items is unique.

Changing how garments are constructed

‘Engineered Skin’ was introduced: One of the first benefits of the new technology was the re-location of stitching and seams on garments, to areas that were in less danger in the event of an accident. This had considerable impact on structural integrity, and increased protection too. As a nice side-effect, it also gave Rev’It! motorcycle gear a unique look and feel.
It is difficult to think of another manufacturer that brings together cutting-edge engineering and the heart and soul of motorcycling as effectively.

Today, Rev’It! Is A Global Brand

Global reach

In 2002 Rev’It! introduced an ever-expanding motorcycle clothing range into the US and Canada. Though the market is undoubtedly different, high performance gear at affordable prices is just as much in demand over there as in Europe. So much so that in 2006 a dedicated company was set up, to better serve that group of customers.

Global motorsports involvement

2008 saw another milestone – what many would see as a natural progression – Rev’It! went racing. It’s the obvious arena for a motorcycle clothing company that takes safety and protection so seriously, and it’s a reflection of the Rev’It! drive and ambition that they went straight to MotoGP. World Championships have followed at several levels.

As is the case for other leading brands that sponsor motorsports athletes, race experience has a direct impact on the safety and comfort of the motorcycle clothing available to you.

Recent Leaps In Brand Innovation

Rev’It! have a fascination with product improvement that borders on the obsessive. Their creative approach to technical issues has brought some extraordinary results.

  • In 2009 Gore-Tex became part of the Engineered Skin programme, further adding to the company’s reputation for combing superb style with outstanding safety.
  • In 2011 Engineered Skin acquired leading Italian protective clothing manufacturer Tryonic. This brought in leading-edge technology that was beyond their experience at the time. It enabled Rev’It! to develop thinner, lighter armour. It was another breakthrough, having negligible impact on the shape of clothing, while offering superior protection.
  • In 2012 we saw ‘Tailored Technology’ for the first time. Stylish urban and retro wear that looks great, but understands and accommodates the need of the rider. This year also saw the introduction of patented VCS/Aquadefence, the first system that allowed the rider to change any garment from vented to fully waterproof – in seconds – and without stopping the bike!
  • In 2013 Rev’It! announced PWR Shield. Having already been the first to introduce Cordura to biker jeans, they surprised the motorcycling world with a product that combined Cordura with a unique Kevlar knit. The resulting material looks like denim, but has better abrasion resistance than leather!

Why Their Awards Matter To You

The fact that so much effort goes into something that often is not even seen is further evidence of the company’s unrivalled commitment to your protection. Of course, that means better motorcycle gear for you.

And, design and technological advances of this magnitude and consistency don’t go unnoticed! A whole lot of brand tie-ups and recognition has been notched up:

  • In 2012, Rev’It! joined forces with Ducati, introducing the Strada clothing collection. Both are brands known for their passion, and Rev’It! Ducati clothing is now available worldwide.
  • In 2014 Yamaha USA asked Rev’It! to produce part of their own-brand protective clothing range. The fruits of that collaboration are available through Yamaha’s US network.
  • Combining excellence in design, performance and safety has been the aim of the company from day one. In 2010 their efforts were rewarded with the internationally recognized Red Dot award for the Rev’It! Jerez racing glove. The Jerez glove was a product of the 3D programme, proof that Engineered Skin could deliver protection in the toughest environments possible.
  • 2015 saw the second Red Dot award, this time for Rev’It! Seeflex protectors. This is CE 2-level armour that absorbs more impact, yet is thinner. Not only is weight reduced, but you don’t get those unsightly bulges in casual motorcycle garments.
  • 2015 also saw the first World Championship, when Kenan Sofuoglu and Kawasaki took a hard-fought Supersport crown. Rev’It! continue to support Kenan’s ambitions, plus those of PJ Jacobsen in Supersports, Toprak Razgatlioglu in Superstock 1000, plus Aprilia’s Alvaro Bautista and Ducati’s Danilo Petrucci in MotoGP.

GetGeared advertising the Rev'It! Defender outfit at launch

Rev’It! And GetGeared

GetGeared have long been a strong supporter of the Rev’It! brand. We share the same drives, principles and passions. We’re one of the UK’s largest Rev’It! clothing dealers, and sell around one in every five articles of Rev’It! apparel in the UK.

Each item has it’s specific benefits, so let’s look at some of the Rev’It! motorcycle clothing range in more detail. It allows us to demonstrate the real strengths of this terrific brand.

Rev'It! Gloves

Rev’It! Motorcycle Gloves

The Rev’It! range offers up anything you need in this department: Summer or winter gloves, commuter gloves, touring or adventure gloves, casual gloves. There’s plenty of leather and Gore-Tex, there’s also goatskin and high-tech textiles when they are the best material for the job.

Two things worth remembering that may well sway you to try on a Rev’It! gloves next time:
– The gloves shape is made for a Northern European (wider) palm and will fit you most likely better as a result across the base of the hand
– Look closely at the fingers of the gloves and you see a little nip at the points where the fingers bend: It is one of a number of little Rev’It! innovations that add a phenomenal amount of comfort over the course of a ride as it reduces finger fatigue

Whatever you ride, however you ride, there’s a Rev’It! glove to suit your style.

Rev'It! Boots

Rev’It! Motorcycle Boots

If there’s one product in the Rev’It! range that really stands out, it’s their boots. Although a recent addition to their range, it has already proved immensely popular. This is motorcycle footwear that offers all the protection you would expect, but with outstanding appearance.

In a typical Rev’It! approach, the company ‘reverse-engineered’ their designs. Rev’It! casual footwear is made by a proper, “traditional” bootmaker. The result is stylish footwear you’d wear anywhere – and everywhere. Incorporated within the range are Vibram soles (providing exceptional grip in all weathers and shock absorption to reduce fatigue), water-repellent leather, or OutDry laminate outer fabrics.

Don’t expect run-of-the-mill motorcycle boots from Rev’It! footwear; Instead expect stylish touring boots, ADV boots or casual streetwear, all equipped with the protection you require when you are on the bike.

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Rev'It! Clothing

Rev’It! Jackets

Time after time, Rev’It! motorcycle clothing reviews focus on not just the safety, but also the look. This isn’t just bike gear with a passing nod to particular fashions, the brand’s designers create stylish, fashion-conscious garments.

A picture says a thousand words: Take a peek at some of the current lead clothing styles:

  • The Gibson jacket is a sleek, classic design, yet incorporates 4-point CE armuor, has a back pocket, and a detachable thermal liner.
  • The Blake leather jacket is an urban hoodie (the hood is removable), again with armour and thermal lining.
  • The Spitfire is a leather race jacket, with vented and stretch panels for comfort. Protection comes by way of performance cowhide and PWR Shell on the outside, CE-certified level 2 SeeFlex armour and dual-comp protectors on the inside. It’s arguably the safest jacket on the market.
  • Any contest for best Rev’It! jacket would also have to include Cayenne Pro and Dominator. Though all Rev’It! textile jackets are made to the extraordinary standards we’ve come to associate these brand, these are particularly good examples of what sets Rev’It! apart.
  • The Cayenne Pro was designed to keep the adventure tourer safe and comfortable in hot, dry environments. It’s fully vented, with a special mesh lining developed to manage moisture. The outer is also mesh, but you won’t find tougher, or more abrasion resistant. Inside there isn’t just armour, there’s also a hidden pocket to stow valuables and important documents like your passport.
  • The Rev’It! Dominator is perhaps the ultimate all-weather touring jacket. The advanced textile outer offers high abrasion resistance. Two different kinds of Gore-Tex, and the unique Aquadefence system. They keep you 100% dry, yet offer breathability. SeeFlex ventilated armour protects elbows, shoulders and collar bone, plus there’s a Level 2 back protector. Of particular interest to off-road riders is the option of adding a Moveo neck brace. The feature list just goes on and on – and that’s just one jacket!


If we’ve given the impression that Rev’It! is a premium motorcycle clothing brand, that would be absolutely right. That only tells part of the story.

From the outset Rev’It! has been all about delivering the best product for the rider. They’ve developed new processes and new technologies – and their approach is certainly very high tech – but it’s only employed when it produces the right result for the motorcyclist. Apparel that’s lighter, stronger, more resilient, and more comfortable.

But perhaps the biggest surprise comes when you look at the prices. Pound for pound, you’ll find Rev’It! motorcycle clothing is hard to beat.

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Rev'It! Showroom Detail

The amazing Rev’It! showroom


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