Rev’It! Tailored Technology Explained

Watch the interview with REV'IT!'s inside man, Derek, to find out which motorcycle riders inspired the new collection and what additions you can expect to see for 2016.



REV’IT! Was one of the first motorcycle clothing companies that dared to venture into urban clothing: motorcycle clothing that suits the metropolitan areas of Europe and America. REV’IT’s urban range is referred to as ‘tailored technology’

Watch the interview with REV’ITS! inside man below to find out what this means.

The Tailored Technology collection is derived from their original design philosophy, which is called Engineered Skin. Engineered skin takes three basic principles: safety, functionality and design. They are all equally Important but safety comes first, then functionality and finally design. Tailored Technology has the same principles, they are all equally important but at the same time they put design first, followed by safety and functionality. It is not the importance of the principles that is the difference but they made design a little more important in terms of fashion.

If you are wearing a one-piece race suit people will know that you are on the bike. But, if you want to integrate more whilst still being safe you need something that is designed to integrate with daily life. So all of the Tailored Technology items are designed to be more fashionable motorcycle clothing while being hardly recognisable as motorcycle products. But at the same time they are just as safe as, maybe even safer than traditional motorcycle gear, with the big difference that it’s harder to spot that you are on a bike. It’s more fashionable.

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