Motorcycle Jeans 2019: 6 of the best from Route One Jeans

Route One Jeans

The latest Route One Jeans collection is a thorough re-work of what already was one of the best value motorcycle jeans ranges around: The latest styles feature softer Triple-A denim, CE-tested fabrics, the latest armour panels, and new, improved fits. What has not changed are the super-accessible price points Route One is known for.


The Slim Fits

These are definitely the current style leaders. Slim fitting with a little bit of give in the fabric for comfort on the motorcycle. Crafted from Triple-A Cordura reinforced denim means more threads per inch, which in turn means a softer handle. Cordura threads in the fabric mix mean improved abrasion-resistance. The knees are protected with the latest, slimmer profile Level-2 CE armour. The main impact areas are backed with 220gms Kevlar panels. Protective AND stylish!

Route One Hardy Slim-Fit Mens Jeans

All the features of the slim-fit garments are listed in the overview. The stand-out detail that makes the Hardy jeans unique: A dark wash finish with selvedge edge detailing on the coin pocket.
Route One Hardy Jeans


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Route One Trinity Slim-Fit Ladies Jeans

All the qualities of the Hardy jeans, tailored as a skinny fit for ladies black-on-black finish including the rivets. The stand-out feature is the zipped openings on the inside of the knees: The knee armour is already the super-slim CE Level-2 armour, but remove the armour pads easily for walking around your destination or simply for sitting comfortably during lunch.

Route One Trinity Jeans


The Regular Fits

For most of you, the regular fits is where it’s at. To give them a slightly sharper look, there is a light taper on the bottom half of the leg.

Route One Cranford Regular-Fit Mens Jeans

The Route One Cranford jeans are the new version of the previous Route One best-seller. What it means to you is that these jeans fit ‘proper’. Updated to meet the latest CE abrasion tests, this is the regular fit jean with a soft grip, the latest CE Level-2 knee armour, Cordura reinforcing fibre in the fabric, and proper 220gms DuPont Kevlar impact panels. The point is: What is not to like?

Route One Cranford Jeans


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Route One Munroe Regular-Fit Ladies Jeans

The ladies’ version are the Route One Munroe jeans. A similar deal: Executed with a hint of workwear AND finished with the Huntsman water-repellent coating. That means these jeans are water-resistant to light rain and April showers.

Route One Munroe Jeans


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The Comfort Fits

These are the more generous fits. Again, the patterns have been updated to look the part. And throughout the Route One jeans range the denim has been upgraded, which makes a huge difference even more so in these bigger fits.

Route One Wyatt Comfort-Fit Mens Jeans

The Route One Wyatt jeans have one stand-out feature: The Huntsman surface treatment means these jeans are water-repellent. The treatment withstands multiple-and-multiple washes, making the jeans the perfect apparel for the English weather’s unpredictable nature.

Route One Wyatt Jeans


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Route One Victoria Comfort-Fit Ladies Jeans

The current most popular Route One ladies jeans have a higher waist and additional stretch in the fabric. Mum-fit is not the most appealing name, but that is what they are colloquially called: Jeans that fit and are comfortable for a more mature figure. Two leg length to make sure you find the one for you.

Route One Victoria Jeans


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Bonus Feature: Route One attention to detail

You don’t really get this with other brands. But, it is the little touches that show this is a brand made by professional craftsmen: Every jean comes with a bag of replacement rivets and buttons.
Route One Extra Rivets and Labels


Motorcycle Jeans FAQs

Are Route One motorcycle jeans any good?

Route One has made a name for itself crafting motorcycle jeans using premium fabrics such as Triple-A denim alongside certified Kevlar® internal reinforcements. However, the brand aims to provide the fit and comfort of premium jeans at a not-so-premium price by cutting out the wholesalers and selling direct to retailers.

What are kevlar jeans?

Strictly speaking, Kevlar® motorcycle jeans are reinforced jeans that are lined in the main impact areas with a Kevlar® pad. Kevlar® is the DuPont branded version of Aramid fibres. Aramid fibres are highly abrasion-resistant if woven or knitted in the right way. Kevlar®-lined jeans are more expensive than most motorcycle jeans lined in generic Aramid. This is because DuPont operates a licensing system that ensures that manufacturers only use quality fibres (in other words: Kevlar fibres) in a high enough concentration so that the final product is actually abrasion-resistant in the way you would expect. The Kevlar® logo is a quality guarantee.


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