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Shark Helmets – French Flair Meets Technical Excellence

The French are not half bad at this motorcycle clothing stuff! For your hands, body and feet, there’s the superb collection provided by Furygan, for example. For your head, there are Shark Helmets.

Shark may not have been around as long as some helmet manufacturers, but they’ve established themselves among the best. They offer a strong blend of outstanding quality, and a certain French flair for design.

They are clearly not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to appearance: Shark Helmet design is second to none. It is never style over substance: One of Shark’s key principles is that every single part is only there to provide you with a safer, more comfortable crash helmet.

Shark Helmet Design: Shark Puts Race Experience To Work

Shark was founded in 1986 by two brothers, both professional racers. The track is a tough place to learn, but it gave them an intimate understanding of what riders need.

Right from the start they set themselves difficult targets. Shark crash helmets wouldn’t just meet safety standards, they would exceed them.

They’ve always driven technology forward, investing heavily in research and development. While style is an important component, the company motto is “Design for a Function”. Their aim is to make each Shark motorcycle helmet part of the rider. All that matters is, in their own words, “sheer pleasure and freedom of riding in complete safety.”

Shark Helmets Range: The Shark Helmet designs

Always In Control: Where are Shark Helmets made?

To make that possible, Shark took the unusual step of setting up their own production facilities. Many highly-regarded, well-known helmet brands don’t do this, they use shared facilities in China, Indonesia, etc. Shark does not do that!

Asia/Pacific was too far removed for Shark, who wanted complete control over the whole process. If they wanted to improve something, they wanted the impact to be instant. They didn’t want to have to wait for someone else, halfway around the world. We may live with almost instant communications, but there are still delays when you rely on outside contractors.

Are Shark Helmets any good? The “Shark way” of doing things is different

Their headquarters are in Marseille, France. Here you’ll find the Research and Innovation Unit. It is one of the most important ingredients in Shark’s constantly evolving technology. They use Computational Fluid Dynamics to assess air penetration and stability. Any problems with turbulence can be ironed out. There’s also 3D printing for prototypes, and crash testing facilities, of course.

Where are Shark Helmets made? Unusually, the entire “creation chain” is owned and run by Shark. It’s possible for the Shark Helmet design team to design, develop, test and clear for manufacture much faster than the majority of helmet makers. Any advances in performance and safety are quickly available to riders on and off-road.

Shark Helmet Design: Single-Mindedness Brings Rewards

The result of this continuous development and a tightly controlled design process are seen every year in the Shark helmet line-up. As riders, we all benefit. You benefit.

Shark have done pretty well out of it, too. They now have over 600 employees and sell more than 350,000 crash helmets a year, through 5,000 outlets around the world. That’s about one every minute and a half.

A fair few of those are sold by us, here at GetGeared. We’re a major part of Shark helmets UK business. And, we’re so impressed with the product we’ve made them a ‘house brand.’

How Does Race Sponsorship Benefit You?

With racing in their blood, it’s no surprise that Shark have always supported leading riders. In the past it’s been superstar names like Carl Foggarty and Troy Corser. Today some equally well-known names benefit from the partnership.

In GP2 there’s Miguel Oliveira, Tom Luthi, Ricky Cardus and Iker Lecuona. In MotoGP they work with Jorge Lorenzo, Johann Zarco, Scott Redding and Sam Lowes.

Working closely with top riders from KTM, Kalex, Yamaha, Aprilia and Ducati not only helps to spread the Shark name, it provides feedback from the most demanding of environments.

That feedback forms part of the company’s ceaseless research and development. It has a direct impact on you and your safety. The advances developed through racing improve the performance of every single Shark crash helmet sold – road, and off-road.

Shark And GetGeared

Our confidence in Shark crash helmets is such that we’ve backed their reputation for quality, comfort and performance with our own money. We hold extensive stocks, across the entire range, so you can get your new Shark helmet without long delays.

The question is, which one? They’re all excellent value. If you check out Shark helmet reviews in the press or online, you’ll find glowing reports.

Let’s have a closer look at the current range:

Shark Ridill

Shark helmets might be high-tech, but it doesn’t mean they have to be high priced! The Ridill is a superb entry-level full-face thermoplastic helmet that has many of the features you’ll find in more expensive models. You’ve got a drop-down sun visor and good ventilation. If you wear glasses, the design takes that into account too.

Shark Skwal

You need to invest a little more for the Skwal, but you get a lot for your money. This is Shark’s first LED helmet, where a light at the rear vent level makes you more noticeable at night. It’s a safety feature that’s increasingly popular, but can be switched off when you prefer. The anti-scratch visor offers Pinlock MaxVision, for maximum clarity and field of view. You also get Autoseal to keep the cold and rain out, plus a washable liner.

Shark Drak & Shark Explore-R

The Drak and Explore-R are quite different crash helmets, but they’re typical of Shark’s visually creative approach.

We think the Drak is the ultimate urban look: yet, as with all Shark helmets, it’s style with a purpose. The mask and googles are right on street trend, but the googles have a clever quick release system, and the mask can also be removed. It’s go-anywhere versatility, wherever your adventure takes you!

Cranking it up a notch is the Explore-R. The lightweight shell is part of the ultimate adventure tourer – a full-face for the road one minute, an off-road trial helmet the next. There’s anti-mist and Auroseal for superb weather protection. There’s ventilation so you stay comfortable when the going gets hot and dusty. Goggles and visor can even be used together if you need to. Like much of the range, it comes with a five-year guarantee.

Shark Race Helmets

When you have a company started by professional racers and you mix in French flair for design, it’s no surprise that their road/race helmets are something special. The Shark difference is that this track-proven performance is available to everyone. It’s the same exceptional safety and advanced aerodynamics offered to elite racers, but you can buy if for your own use.

The Spartan is a carbon and fibreglass mix, offering the best of weight and strength at an affordable price. Not that they’ve cut any corners. Aerodynamics minimise wind noise, and maximise head stability. The Max Vision visor gives you the clarity you need when moving quickly. Pinlock keeps it fog free. There’s an additional retractable sun visor, and the design accommodates glasses, without compromising comfort. There’s Sharktooth Bluetooth compatibility too. An exceptional crash helmet without breaking the bank.

If you’re going for the ultimate in road and track performance though, you’ll want to look at the Shark Race R Pro. It’s the pinnacle of functionality and comfort. Developed specifically for the professionals who Shark sponsor. The shell is carbon aramid composite. The visor has been certified Class 1. You can’t have optical distortion on the track, so the visor is visually precise. It also has four anchor points, preventing flex.
You can’t have wind buffeting either, so the Race R Pro has precision aerodynamics. Stability is guaranteed, even at speeds above 190 mph. Keeping you cool under pressure is a system of 4 air scoops and 7 extractors. F1 wind tunnel testing was used to make sure it all worked properly, in the most extreme conditions.

The Best Shark Helmets?

It’s a question we’re often asked, and while the race technology is cutting-edge stuff, we think it’s perhaps the Evoline and Evo-One flip helmets that represent the Shark ethos at its most exciting.

Flip-front helmets are extremely popular for good reason. It’s nice to give your face some air some of the time, but you want that full-face protection when you’re pushing on. The problem in the past has been excess weight, poor mechanisms, sub-standard aerodynamics and – in many cases – very high prices.

Shark just wouldn’t sell a crash helmet with any of those flaws, so the Evoline and Evo-one took time to develop.

The Series 3 Evoline opens more quickly. It’s less hassle for the rider. The fibreglass shell has improved aerodynamics when open and closed. Stability is better. It’s quieter. In addition to the clear visor there’s a drop-down sun visor. There’s plenty of room for glasses, and the helmet is Sharktooth-ready so you can pair it with Bluetooth devices. Perhaps most impressive of all is the five-star SHARP safety rating. It’s the equivalent of NCAP for cars. Very few flip-front helmets meet the standard. The Evoline gives you top-class protection for mid-range money.

The ultimate, and latest, flip-front helmet is the Shark Evo-One 2. That’s not just by Shark’s own exceptional standards, that’s compared to just about anyone else! It’s lighter than the Evoline Carbon. In fact it’s lighter than some big-name race helmets. It’s also got reduced frontal area, making it easier to turn your head at speed. The rear fin adds additional stability, and also houses extraction vents. It’s the kind of smart trick that Shark think of, but few others do.

The visor automatically retracts when you lift the chin piece. It automatically slides into the lock position when closing. It’s a breeze when wearing gloves. That’s the only ‘breeze’ though – because despite that complex mechanism you’ve got full chin curtain to keep out drafts. Any way you look at it, this is one of the cleverest, most wearable, and safest helmets available – from anyone.

Shark – Much More Than Sharp Style

Shark helmets made it as our house brand, because the brand offers a credible, reliable helmet for every kind of rider: Street-style or off-road, touring or track. You want subtle, no problem. Into in-your-face graphics? Yep, they do that.

But they’re much more than that. Created by racers, Shark helmets offer you leading-edge protection. They continue to make serious investment in their own facilities. They can control development. Advances in safety and comfort reach you faster. What it means to you is leading-edge quality.

They are superb products and we’re more than happy to recommend them. Shark helmets can’t be beaten on quality or performance for the money, and the range always offers new, exciting and inspiring additions.

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