Shark helmets have been producing motorcycle helmets for over 25 years, and they are one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers. From full-face race replicas to urban open-faced designs, there is a helmet in the SHARK range for every type of rider. Founded by former professional racers, SHARK’s passion for racing is still evident in their product design, which ensures only the highest level of performance and safety. shark asked those who make a living from riding bikes – racers and journalists alike – to rate their Shark helmets.



“I am very proud to be tackling the 2016 season with such a prestigious brand as SHARK, which has a long history in MotoGP. For me, this represents a most exciting challenge and I am quite sure that, together, we will form a great team. The Race-R PRO is a very good helmet that I feel I can trust. I really like the large field of vision and the way it remains securely fitted and stable even when I hit top speeds on the straight.”

“The two most important things about my SHARK helmet are the protection it offers and how unobtrusive it is to wear. Good protection is critical; on the MotoGP bikes we’re on the limit from the start of every lap to the finish of every lap and in some places we’re reaching speeds in excess of 200mph. When it goes wrong, and inevitably it does, you definitely need the protection that my SHARK helmet offers. When you’re on the limit it’s important that your focus is on riding the bike, with no distractions whatsoever. My SHARK helmet just does the job with no issues. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot, cold, wet or humid, once the helmet goes on then I don’t notice it or think about it until I have to take it off again, as it just works exactly how it should.”

““I have a fantastic relationship with SHARK Helmets and this is my seventh consecutive year with them. I was with them for a couple of seasons before that, as well, so that’s the majority of my racing career. Of course, I value my safety extremely highly and that’s why I choose SHARK; they’re just an everyday part of my racing now.

Unfortunately, I’ve given them a good test now and again and fortunately they’ve always come out very, very well. I’ve had a couple of big knocks to the head but SHARK Helmets have protected me and always given me the confidence that you need when you’re riding.”

“For me, the story started back in 2002, a long time ago, and I haven’t looked anywhere else since. I remember that I liked the image and the product straightaway and, of course, it was nice to support a French company. I’ve been treated really well by the brand and I get on really well with all the guys there. It’s a great partnership for me.

The helmet is the most important piece of protective kit for riders and, over the years, I’ve had some massive crashes and destroyed a few helmets. But touch wood, I’ve never been knocked out because they’ve always absorbed the impact for me. You can’t compromise on safety and, with my head in a SHARK helmet, I feel that I’m well looked after.

The testing crash at Jerez last year was a big, big crash – not necessarily that fast, but I went really high into the air and basically landed on my face! I bruised my ankle a little and twisted my neck in the impact, but I didn’t have a bruise, a scratch or anything.

But that’s what the helmets are for. Like modern cars, they’re designed to deform by absorbing the shock and, with SHARK, that’s the philosophy. The Jerez helmet was smashed but I didn’t even have a headache.”

““I’ve been wearing SHARK for the whole of my professional career, which should be testament enough, and they’ve been a great support for me throughout that time. We all know that I’ve tested the helmets to the limits a few times and they’ve certainly done the job! “We race all round the world under many different conditions and it needs to work in all weathers. The vent system on this is really good. With the vent closed, at say Donington when it’s 5°C, you feel good and with it open in Thailand racing in 40°C it’s just as good. It’s perfectly fitted for me and it’s the best helmet out there!” This simulation of aerodynamic performance adds the attributes of optimal ventilation and penetration through air, while still recognized as one of the world’s safest helmets, earning five stars in the SHARP crash test. A new price point makes this helmet an absolute must-buy.

““I’ve been with SHARK since I was 16 and have never felt the need to change. In my opinion, the helmet is top level in all areas: the look, the fit and the safety – all of which are so important when you’re racing at the top of your game. “As you can imagine, when you’re riding so close to your limit, I’ve have the opportunity to test it a lot and as a result of it always keeping me safe, I have full belief in the product. It’s important to trust your gear as there are lots of other things to focus on when riding – which is what I have with my SHARK. It’s one less thing to worry about. “What I really like about the helmet is that it’s aerodynamic – when you’re reaching speeds of over 176mph, this is a characteristic that comes in handy! It’s a pleasure working with SHARK and I hope to continue my whole career with them!” SHARK RACE-R PRO CARBON The flagship Race-R PRO model, which contains a carbon belt in its most upscale version, is one of the first helmets developed to rely on CFD technology (featuring computational fluid simulations).
SHARK RACE-R PRO CARBON © Photopsp L.Swiderek

““I’ve been with SHARK for 19 consecutive years – I’m really proud to wear this helmet, also because it is from France! It is a very good brand and I have seen their evolution from the beginning. The helmet is very high quality – I have had a couple of crashes to my head and every time I’ve been fine. “The visibility is great and I have not had a problem with fog in the recent years. For me it is one of the best, but I have never used another brand so I have no comparison! I am very happy to continue to use this helmet.”

“I’ve been wearing SHARK helmets since 2006, in that time I have had a few major crashes and have hit my head quite hard off solid objects, never once have I had concussion or any bruising to my head. Being a TT rider it’s important to have a good visor set up for changing visors during the pit stops. In the time that I’ve been wearing them there has never been an issue during a pit stop. Being a road racer we suffer quite a lot of stone damage to our helmets. Never once have I had a visor fail and I’ve had them hit with large stones at very high speeds. For comfort, light-weight and air ventilation I give SHARK 10 out of 10.”


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