Shoei Ex-Zero Helmet

Bring back the ’80s!

Shoei’s latest helmet, the Shoei Ex-Zero crash helmet (Shoei Exzero or Xzero, as it undoubtedly will be known as until the new name beds in), brings back the spirit of the 1980s with a brand-new helmet, based loosely on the EX-series Shoei helmets.

Shoei Ex-Zero Helmet Features

  • Based on the Shoei EX-Series helmets from the ’80s

  • Available with & without peak for either road or off-road riding

  • Shoei patented AIM shell, constructed in 3 shell sizes for a compact fit

  • Shoei Ex-Zero and Shoei J.O. share the same visor, available in 3 colours – that is your Shoei retro family of helmets!

  • Double D-Ring neck closure for that additional authentic touch & perfect fit

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