Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet

The Shoei Neotec II helmet: better, sharper, quieter

The new Shoei Neotec II modular helmet is a step up from the original Neotec flip, as you would expect. Named ‘Neotec II’ (or “Neotec 2“), it is an evolution, but also so much more than that.

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But: How much better can the ‘Evo’ version really be?

The original Neotec system helmet was a trailblazer for Shoei: A flip-front motorcycle crash helmet with a drop down sunvisor and a ratchet chin closure; two things you, the rider, wanted; and, two things they, the Shoei Helmet engineers, thought they would never design. And, when it was launched, it ticked the box of looking good, doing what we wanted, while meeting the exacting safety standards of Shoei. A tough act to follow then, but here it is: The follow-up helmet Shoei Neotec II is the sequel in this story, but it is also an evo version that is indeed better than the original!

8 things that make the Shoei Neotec II probably the best flip-front crash helmet for 2018

  • More aggressive optics: In short, the Shoei Neotec II is the better looking helmet
  • Evo-Pinlock included: Even more moisture absorbent (and more effective than the one included with the Schuberth C3/C4)
  • P/J approved with a locking open position: You can ride with the front chin section lifted up (the original Neotec was not homologated to be ridden with the chin piece up, even though you will see the officers of the law do just that!)
  • 2-stage top vent, permanently open back vent: Designed to be quieter than the original Neotec and quieter than competitor models
  • 3 shell sizes remain: A more fitting shell size for your head means better aerodynamics, less noise, more comfort
  • New lining configuration: a better closing ‘skirt’ around the neck to reduce wind noise, a net-fabric version for summer use, AND a traditional version (without the increased curtain) for the purists; For you that means that the Shoei custom-fit options at your Shoei Assured dealer, such as!), you can walk away with the Shoei Neotec II just how you like it
  • In-built Bluetooth communication ports: Get the Sena Bluetooth kit for the Neotec II and it fits flush with no protruding parts
  • Unique Sena Bluetooth SRL kit for Shoei Neotec II is available separately: Bluetooth 2.1, 1.6km range, advanced noise control, voice command, the ‘works’!

The Stats:

Prices: £519.99 – £599.99
Available from: Now (launched in early 2018)
Stand-out graphics: Two new pin stripe graphics (one featuring the flat grey colour form the Shoei Ryd!)


Shoei Neotec II Helmet Review

Shoei Neotec II Front View

Shoei Neotec II Side View

Shoei Neotec II Back View

Shoei Neotec II Neck Lining Detail



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