The Shoei X-Spirit III

The X-Spirit III is the latest top spec Shoei helmet and is used by some of the best riders across the globe such as John McGuinness, Bradley Smith, Eugene Laverty and Shane Byrne. Shoei has always been synonymous with quality, offering superb protection across the board and this is why so many people trust Shoei motorcycle helmets.

The SHARP Rating Test

Because the world doesn’t operate at one speed, SHARP doesn’t either! Each motorcycle crash is unique with its own unique set of variables, so they test at a much wider range of impact speeds than standard regulations.

What’s more, SHARP analyses national and international crash studies – helping them to select the test points that are most representative of ‘real world’ motorbike crashes.

For every motorcycle helmet model, they run 32 tests on seven helmets across a range of sizes – assessing how well each helmet could protect the brain in the event of a crash. To ensure the validity of their assessment they only test helmets that they have purchased from retail outlets. It is important that the helmets they test are the same as those you would buy yourself.

SHARP then got to work, testing each helmet by impacting them against anvils to represent flat surfaces and kerbs. SHARP tests are carried out at three different speeds to ensure the helmet provides good protection during both high and low severity impacts. Despite the risk of injury being much lower during less severe crashes, even a small risk could result in riders being seriously or fatally injured.

The Results

The X-Spirit IIIreceived a 5-star sharp rating, which is the highest SHARP rating that can be awarded to a motorcycle helmet. The Shoei X-Spirit III also scored the highest marks in every single impact test area on the helmet and detailed minimum friction. Getting a perfect score.

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