Life after the ‘Held Freezer’, style 2570

Winter motorcycle riding drastically improved with the introduction of the Held Freezer gloves in 2005. 10 years on, ‘Style 2570’ is discontinued and replaced with a vast range of Winter and cold weather oriented motorcycle gloves. Before we move on and forget about the Held Freezer gloves all together, it is only right to commemorate such an important mile stone in motorcycle clothing and equipment with a deserved Exceptional Service Award for what probably were the best Winter motorcycle gloves of their time!
The Held Freezer gloves revolutionised Winter motorcycle gloves by incorporating Primaloft, the most insulating man-made fibre, inside a virtually indestructible Anilin leather shell! Gore-Tex provided the waterproofing with a guarantee to keep water out for the life of the garment. As a consequence, the Held Style 2570 gathered the most test awards and ‘buy’ recommendations of any motorcycle clothing item we know of.

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