The Shark Evo-One Motorcycle Helmets

NEW for 2016: See all of the features of the new Shark Evo-One Flip-Up Helmets.


NEW FOR 2016

Shark helmets ‘most advanced’ flip helmet: The Evo-One certainly doesn’t disappoint. Lighter than its predecessor, the Evo-one weighs in at 1,650g on average. That’s 100g lighter than the Shark Evoline helmet. That also makes it 30g lighter than the Shark Evoline Carbon and even the top-of-the-range Arai race helmet!

Two different shell sizes mean that this Shark helmet is smaller, ensuring that there are fewer turbulences as you ride and turning your head left and right has become a whole lot easier at speed.

The Shark Evo-One is also the only flip helmet we know of that has a permanent, collapsible chin curtain to keep drafts and noise at bay.

The folks from Shark motorcycle helmets have thought of all the details that make a flip helmet better like: A Maxi-Vision Pin-lock equipped visor for a greater field of vision that is fog-free; A stabilisation rear spoiler fin that has inbuilt extraction vents.

But the stand-out feature of the Shark Evo-One is the totally revised up-and-over mechanism of the chin piece: It offers ‘Auto-Up’, which means the visor automatically retracts when the chin piece is moved up; And it has ‘Auto-Down’, which mean that the visor lifts slightly to allow the chin piece to come down and slide undisturbed into the locked position. Now that is very clever! And it makes life ‘fuss-free’ when you are wearing gloves. Obviously, P/J approved for riding with the chin piece up or down.


This PDF explains the mechanism and how to operate the new Shark Evo-One helmet.


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