Adventure motorcycle boots are designed to offer a little bit of everything; Protection, comfort and style, they are truly hybrid motorcycle boots. To highlight these remarkable boots, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best adventure touring and dual sport motorcycle boots on the market.

These motorcycle boots incorporate the protection of a motocross boot with the comfort and practicality of touring boots. Whether you’re off-roading or riding down the street, with features like seriously grippy soles and heavy duty buckle closures, these adventure touring boots can be relied on to last as long as you do.

Forma Adventure Boots WP - Brown1. The Forma Adventure Boots

Great tread on the bottom of the boots, fantastic fit and all round comfort make these a best seller. They’re CE-certified and feature heavy-duty soles with memory foam padding for optimum fit and protection. Suitable for adventurers everywhere, these Forma boots are hard-wearing and are made of oiled full grain leather, with buckle and Velcro closure for a secure fit. As you’d expect, they’re also waterproof and breathable, thanks to a Drytex liner, and are capable of standing up to whatever terrain and weather they encounter.

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Dainese Fulcrum Boots GTX - Black2. The Dainese Fulcrum Gore-Tex Boots

Dainese’s Fulcrum boots sit at the touring end of the adventure boot spectrum. Thanks to a Gore-Tex membrane, they’re waterproof, windproof and breathable, and packed with the kind of protection from the elements needed for any kind of two-wheeled adventure. There’s also ankle and shin reinforcement and the leather exterior is soft and supple while offering abrasion resistance.

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Sidi Adventure Boots GTX - Black3. The Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots

Sidi’s Gore-Tex Adventure boots are the result of Sidi taking lessons learned in making boots for road racers, motocross riders and tourers and combining them to make a highly protective piece of footwear that’s designed to keep you dry. Gore-Tex keeps moisture out and some of the hefty external protection includes a PU shin plate. The deeply treaded rubber sole is designed to offer a secure footing no matter where you are in the world and that’s not the only way these Sidi boots offer security – they also feature an adjustable buckle closure to for a safe, snug fit.

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TCX Infinity Evo Boots GTX - Black4. The TCX Infinity Evo Gore-Tex Boots

The Infinity Evo is the second generation of the TCX’s best-selling Infinity boot. They follow the same formula as the boots that came before, but with a few updates to make them even better. They offer the same great fit and but feature a new sole made by Michelin, and designed to offer optimum grip on wet foot pegs. The instep system, designed to give a precise and comfortable fit, is also new. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures they’re waterproof but breathable and the same gritty look remains, with armour at the shin, toe and heel.

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Forma Sahara Outdry Cooling Boots WP - Black

5. The Forma Sahara Outdry Cooling Boots

As far as we know, Forma’s Sahara Outdry Cooling boots are unique, thanks to the fact that they contain a tank of water at the front of the boot that evaporates during riding to keep you cool. If you’re the kind of explorer who wants to spend time riding across the Namib or Sahara, then these should ensure the sweltering heat doesn’t get to your feet. The abrasion resistant material at the front and rear of the boot is also vented to allow air to get in and flow around the foot. Protection comes courtesy of the reinforced plastic ankle and shin armour and the double density rubber sole is flexible enough to allow a wide range of movement but stuff enough to support your foot in the event of a fall. An Outdry membrane ensures they’re waterproof and breathable.

See the Forma Sahara Boots

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Boots WP - Black6. The Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Boots

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford Gore-Tex prices but want great Alpinestars quality without the massive price tag, these could be the boots you’re looking for. The adventure-touring Corozals are CE approved and boast a self-locating buckle system plus shin armour and allow for a wide range of movement across any terrain – so they stay comfortable no matter what you put them through. The sole is a rubber compound to ensure comfort and grip.

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Held 8672 Shiroc Boots WP - Black

7. The Held 8672 Shiroc Boots

Held’s Shiroc adventure boots feature a Hipora membrane to make them waterproof, windproof and breathable. The Shiroc’s sturdy looks are backed up by a stout set of buckles, which provide the kind of secure fit you’ll need. Style-wise, they’re high cut and feature leather detailing, plus an anti-slip sole and shin protection.

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8. The Alpinestars Toucan Adventure Boots

Alpinestars Toucan Adventure Boots GTX - Black

The standout feature of this boot is the sole, which is truly capable of conquering any terrain and has been stitched in to the boot in way that makes it replaceable. They’re fully CE-certified and feature a microfiber upper and Gore-Tex membrane, so they’re waterproof and breathable. The closure system is lifted straight from the Tech 10 off-road boots and features self-aligning aluminum buckles

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RST Adventure II Boots 1656 WP - Black

9. The RST Adventure II Boots

These great value, rugged looking adventure touring boots from RST feel like they should cost a lot more than they actually do. The rugged looks are courtesy of PU protectors at the shin, ankle, and heel, plus a chunky and sturdy sole. For added protection and comfort, there’s also memory foam at the shin and the sole has an anti-twist mid-section and arch support. These boots do well when it comes to comfort too – the retention system is made up of Velcro and an alloy buckle, coupled with an expandable calf panel to provide the optimum secure fit.

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Richa Adventure Boots WP - Black


10. The Richa Adventure Boots

The cheapest on this list, these adventure boots from Richa are great value if you’re on a budget. They’re constructed entirely of leather, which offers great abrasion resistance and behind which sits a waterproof membrane to keep you dry when the weather’s not playing ball. Additional protection is present courtesy of a shin plate and there’s a hard-wearing sole as well

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