Adventure touring boots, designed to offer the best of both worlds:

Protection, comfort and style. They are truly dual purpose motorcycle boots aimed at the adventure motorcycle rider going off-road as well as touring on road. To highlight these remarkable boots, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best adventure touring boots / dual sport motorcycle boots on the market.

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The Top 10 Adventure Touring Boots

Adventure Motorcycle outerwear is occasionally referred to as ‘Dual Sport’ gear. For motorcycle adventure boots this term really captures how these boots have to incorporate protection features like those more often found on a motocross boot with the comfort and practicality elements of more traditional motorcycle touring boots. Whether you’re off-roading or riding down the street, with features like seriously grippy soles and heavy-duty buckle closures, adventure touring boots can be relied on to last as long as you do.

However, that means we are not just looking for ‘style’, but also for substance. The top 10 adventure touring boots that ‘deliver’ are these, and one of them should be on your shopping list:

Forma Adventure Touring Boots

1. The Forma Adventure Boots

Great tread on the bottom of the boots, fantastic fit and all round comfort make these a best seller. They’re CE-certified and feature heavy-duty soles with memory foam padding for optimum fit and protection. Suitable for adventurers everywhere, these Forma boots are hard-wearing and are made of oiled full grain leather, with buckle and Velcro closure for a precise fit. As you’d expect, they’re also waterproof and breathable, thanks to a Drytex liner.
Stand-out feature: Constructed to withstand what you throw at them, lighter in weight and therefore less tiring to wear.

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Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Touring Boots

2. The Alpinestars Corozal Boots

If you want highly breathable boots and Gore-Tex is a stretch too far for the wallet, then the Corozal boots could be your adventure touring boots of choice. A superbly engineered sole provides comfort and a grippy footing on and off the bike. The construction is ‘structured’ without being too restrictive. They’re CE-certified and feature Alpinestars’ unique self-locating buckle system. These Alpinestars boots are available in standard black leather but also feature a more striking oiled full grain leather option. They’re waterproof and highly breathable, thanks to a Drystar liner.
Stand-out feature: A protective brace system derived from the Alpinestars motocross boots range.

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Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Touring Boots

3. The Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Sidi’s Gore-Tex Adventure boots are the result of Sidi taking lessons learned in making boots for road racers, motocross riders and tourers and combining them to make a highly protective piece of footwear. The Adventure 2 boots are in their second generation with only minor adjustments and improvements. Gore-Tex keeps moisture out, while also being the most breathable of membranes. The deeply treaded rubber sole is designed to offer a secure footing no matter where you are in the world and that’s not the only way these Sidi boots offer protection – Some of the hefty external protection includes a PU shin plate. They also feature an articulated ankle brace tied into an adjustable buckle closure system for a safe, snug fit.
Stand-out feature: Most adventure touring boots are made of leather; these Sidi Adventure 2 boots are some of the first boots in the world to feature a highly breathable microfibre upper that is lined with Gore-Tex to make the boots waterproof. We won’t bore you with the technical details, but it is an achievement in durability and comfort.

Rev It Discovery OutDry Adventure Touring Boots

4. The Rev'It! Discovery OutDry Boots

The Rev'It! Discovery boots are true adventure touring boots through and through. They were designed from the ground up, rather than being an adaptation of motocross technology. Waterproofing is provided by OutDry, which is a highly breathable membrane that is laminated to the upper. This prevents the boots soaking up water in rainy conditions or water-logged terrain and therefore becoming heavy. It also means the boots dry quickly.
The stand-out feature is fit: A Boa-lacing closure delivers perfect fit and comfort, similar to an inner bootie in a racing boots.

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The Forma Low Adventure Touring Boots

5. The Forma Adventure Low Touring Boots

The Forma Adventure Low boots are in fact a touring boot height version of the standard Forma Adventure boots. You lose some of the protection afforded by the upper parts of the shaft, and you gain greater versatility and, in many cases, comfort.
The stand-out feature: The less tall version of the undisputed king of adventure touring boots.

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

6. The Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

The stand-out features of the Alpinestars Toucan boots are the sole, which is truly capable of conquering any terrain and has been stitched into the boot in a way that makes it replaceable, and the integral bracing system to protect your joints and ligaments. They’re fully CE-certified and feature a microfiber upper and Gore-Tex membrane, so they’re waterproof and breathable. The closure system is lifted straight from the Tech 10 off-road boots and features self-aligning aluminum buckles.
The stand-out feature: The most technical of the Alpinestars adventure touring boots.

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Alpinestars Campeche Drystar Adventure Touring Boots

7. The Alpinestars Campeche Drystar Boots

One of the key features of the Alpinestars Campeche boots are the soles: These are the same soles that were originally developed for the Corozal boots, and deliver the same level of comfort. They’re fully CE-certified and feature a Drystar membrane, so they’re waterproof and highly breathable. The closure system is a traditional zip closure with a Velcro-backed overflap.
The stand-out feature: Out of the range of Alpinestars adventure touring boots, the Campeche boots are the most ‘like’ touring boots for feel and comfort.

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Rev It Gravel Adventure Touring Boots

8. The Rev’It! Gravel OutDry Boots

The Gravel boots feature the rugged components you expect from a boot that is meant to go off-road. The most visible feature is the chunky zip side closure. The Vibram soles provide excellent comfort for long days off the road. And, the boots feel quite ‘structured’ when you put them on. However, it is a more traditional touring boot package overall, one you will be immediately comfortable with. The stand-out feature of the boots is the OutDry waterproof membrane: the membrane and the outer shell are bonded into one layer. That means to you that the boots are more breathable and won’t get heavy from soaking up rain and spray water.

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Forma Adventure Tourer Boots

9. Forma Adventure Tourer Boots

Forma dominates the adventure touring boots segment with its Adventure boots. And, Forma is an excellent motocross boots manufacturer with lots and lots of heritage in off-road and enduro. BUT: Forma is also an excellent motorcycle touring and casual footwear make. The Forma Adventure Tourer boots pick all the key components from an off-road boot, and mix in features such as touring boots comfort to provide a protective boot that fits with your adventure motorcycle and is that little bit more comfortable off the bike.

TCX Baja Mid Adventure Touring Boots

10. TCX Baja Mid Adventure Touring Boots

No line up would be complete without TCX. In a sense, TCX ‘invented’ the adventure touring boots segment with the TCX Infinity boots. The range of TCX Baja boots takes on that mantle. The Baja Mid boots featured here are the most popular due to their comfort and off-the-bike usability.



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