On a budget? You don’t have to compromise on safety and comfort to get a great motorcycle helmet and stay under budget. Here is a selection of the best motorcycle helmets under £250.


The Shark Skwal 2 Motorcycle Helmet

1. The Shark Skwal 2 Motorcycle Helmet

The Skwal 2 helmet from Shark is the 2nd generation. The LED’s are neatly placed on the helmet, yet in the right places to help you be seen. The LEDs can be switched on, off, made to flash or stay on constant! The Skwal also comes with a Maxvision Pinlock and an anti-scratch visor to stop your visor steaming up and give you the clearest view of the road and oncoming traffic. A worthy member of the Best Motorcycle Helmets club!

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The Caberg Drift Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

2. The Caberg Drift Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

Lightweight and full of great features the Drift carbon helmet from Caberg is great value for money. When launched, the Carbon option was below the £250 mark, but since has seen some price rises. The standard shell option still meets the price limit. The Carbon option is, however, still a steal: The Tri-composite shell made with Fiber glass, Kevlar & Carbon means this helmet weighs in at approximately only 1250g. The Drift Carbon also comes complete with a Pinlock-equipped main visor and a drop-down sun visor.


Bell Qualifier DLX Solid Helmet - Matt Black

3. The Bell Qualifier DLX Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Possibly the best motorcycle helmets choice for sport-touring! This Bell Qualilfier comes with heaps of features and awesome styling, perfect for your journeys! There’s a specific inlay in the EPS liner and a removable cover, so that you can insert a Sena SMH-10 or Cardo Scala Q3 intercom (available separately). You will need to purchase the adapter kit available from Bell, and there’s a kit for each of the intercoms.


The AGV K3 Helmet

4. The AGV K5 Motorcycle Helmet

Look the part in this full-face sportbike helmet from AGV: The AGV K5 is a ‘winner’ for us here at GetGeared. Not only does the K5 look great but it has all the features of a really cool sports helmet. Using advanced CAD technology this helmet has been tried, tested and then improved – the end result: a light-weight helmet with superior fit and comfort! A sportbike helmet needs to be aerodynamic to help you get the best out of your performance and the K5 also features a large visor opening for greater visibility on the track.


The Nexx X WST 2 Helmet Plain

5. The Nexx X.WST 2 Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet has been created just for sport-touring! Re-designed from the ground up, there are ample amounts of awesome features on this full helmet that make it the ideal buddy for touring! The helmet is ready for Nexx X-Com system, which means you can talk to your pillion, other riders, or use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone or GPS. Prefer an adventure style? Its adv riding sibling is the Nexx X.WED 2. How has this style earned its place in the Best Motorcycle Helmets line-up? Nexx are relentless in perfecting their helmets with real-life rider feedback from bikers like you. This is the result!


The Scorpion Exo 490 Helmet

6. The Scorpion Exo 490 Motorcycle Helmet

This simple and affordable touring helmet may be a stripped down version of another Scorpion helmet, but it is still full of features and looks great. The Scorpion Exo 490 owes a lot to the Scorpion Exo 500. The 490 has an outer shell engineered from an advanced polycarbonate for light-weight protection and an EPS-lined chin bar.solid, straight-forward value.


The MT Helmets Thunder 3 SV Solid Helmet

7. The MT Helmets Thunder 3 SV Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Go where you want, do what you want. This well priced sport touring helmet is perfect for anything from the short commute to work every day, up to taking a month out to ride across a continent. MT Helmets are good at producing low-price motorcycle helmets, but this new, upgraded sport touring helmet, the Thunder 3, has more than you would expect from such a wallet-friendly lid.


The Caberg Stunt Helmet Blade

8. The Caberg Stunt Blade Motorcycle Helmet

Loving this full face motorcycle helmet from Caberg: The Stunt helmet from Caberg is a full face thermoplastic helmet with awesome graphics! It’s ideal for those that want the aggressive sport look. There’s a clear pinlock ready visor, which with a pinlock insert means that your helmet won’t steam up on those cold days. There’s also an internal sun visor, which is great for those low sun days in spring and autumn as you can react to changes in the weather without having to put sunglasses on.


Shark D-Skwal Fogarty Helmet MAT KAS

9. The Shark D-Skwal Motorcycle Helmet

The essence is the same, without the LED: Shark realised that the great features of the Skwal helmet had real potential, so that’s why they decided to develop the D-Skwal. Exactly the same helmet, just without the LEDs and a more than welcomed reduction in the price tag! What’s not to love?

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The Bell RS-2 Tactical Helmet

10. The Bell RS-2 Tactical Motorcycle Helmet

Bridging the gap: This RS-2 motorcycle helmet from Bell is the perfect choice for riders who are looking to bridge the gap between the top of the line Bell Star and the value-minded Qualifier DLX. The lightweight fibreglass shell benefits from the same great fit and feel as the RS-1. The drop downshield offers “on the fly” protection from the sun, so all you need to concentrate on is the road ahead.

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