Ideally, a pair of sports bike boots won’t have to contend with keeping your feet dry and warm, as well as protected. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be in for a hard time thanks to track days, back road scratching and loads of epic rides. Which is why there’s a lot to consider when looking for a pair of sports bike boots to use when the big orange ball is high in the sky.

Protective features should be top of the list, and any decent racing boot will have some kind of protection at the heel and toes, in the form of internal reinforcements and/or external sliders or pieces of armour. Boots will often have armour that protects shins and backs of the legs too and if you spend a bit more money, you’re also likely to get an additional structure or brace-style system that offers additional support and protection to the ankle in the event of an accident.

Sports bike Boots obviously need to be comfortable, both in terms of fit and temperature. That means a safe and secure fitting mechanism – which at its most basic will be a zip and velcro closure and on more advanced boots could encompass an internal boot, or a system of wires to secure the boot on the foot. Decent venting should allow air to get in a circulate to keep you feet cool when riding.

And even though we’re talking about sports boots here, we’re talking about the UK, so we have included some with waterproofing, such as Gore-Tex to keep you dry in case the skies open when you’re far from home.

To help you choose, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Visordown, to bring you a selection of 10 of the best sports racing motorcycle boots available in 2016.

The Alpinestars S-MX 6 Gore-Tex Boots: Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot

1. The Alpinestars S-MX 6 Gore-Tex Boots

Every part of the Alpinestars S-MX 6 boots have been carefully constructed with passion, so it’s no surprise they have come in first place. From a bio-mechanical outer bracing system to a sole that disperses water, the S-MX 6 boots are everything you would expect from Alpinestars. Other features like large accordion flex panels on the front and the back of the boots make these extremely comfortable to ride in. The Gore-Tex membrane means these boots are 100% waterproof and breathable, so are perfect for riding in the British summer. But the main thing that makes these boots great is the re-designed toe slider! The sliders are secured with Allen bolts. The bolt points down not inwards, so they are less likely to cause injury. This also means the toe sliders are easier to change.

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The Dainese Nexus Boots: Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot

2. The Dainese Nexus Boots

The Nexus boots from Dainese are second on our list, what makes these awesome? If you’re used to wearing mid range sports boots, these boots have all the features you’d expect, but there’s one thing that makes them stand out. The zip and Velcro of these boots is on the back. That makes them awesome! No catching on your bike, no longer is it hard to zip boots up over your trousers as there’s less pressure at the back! It also means that the zip and Velcro tab will get far less out of shape and won’t get lumps and bumps in them as the position of your foot when riding means that the back of your boots are always taught.

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Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot

3. The Merlin Aragon Boots Mens

The Aragon boots from Merlin are a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots that offer protection, looks and best of all, don’t leave a huge dent in your bank balance! In terms of protection, these boots offer plenty compared to other boots at this price level. A TPU shin protector is supported by protection at the toe, ankle and heel for a highly protective boot in the event of a slide. The outer is leather too, which offers abrasion resistance, whilst the anti-slip, oil resistant sole ensures maximum grip and longevity. These entry level boots certainly appeal to both markets and looks wise, well, they’re understated and elegant. As well as looking great, these sport tour motorcycle boots are also practical to use every day.

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Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot

4. The TCX S-Speed Gore-Tex Boots

These TCX boots are top of the range in every way: From protection to function, they’ll see you through a season of tough racing with no troubles. The Gore-Tex lining means that these motorcycle boots are 100% waterproof and breathable. The leather outer of these motorcycle boots offers abrasion resistance, whilst replaceable toe sliders means that you can refresh these boots after a long day grinding the tarmac. There’s also shin plates, a heel guard and integrated shift pad to offer reinforcements in the areas you need it!

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Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot5. The Sidi Roarr Boots

With just over 40 years of experience, Sidi specialize in motorcycle boots for on and off the road, and this experience shows in the Roar boots. These sturdy, subtle boots are equipped with armour and comfort to keep you protected and comfortable on the road while looking like you’re ready for a race with the styling. The upper is made of Technomicro fibre and lined with air Teflon mesh for superior impact protection and abrasion resistance. A fixed shin plate works together with a replaceable slider to navigate damaging kinetic energy around the boot. The anti-twist ankle supports your ankles and the heel cup improves the impact absorption. The boot also comes with removable arch support for those who want it.

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Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot6. The Alpinestars SMX 5 Track & Road Boots

When the Alpinestars S-MX 5 motorcycle boots were launched, they immediately became the benchmark street boots for sportsbike and naked bike riders. And, it’s not difficult to see why: Track boot protection for everyday road use. The protective features had been enhanced with a small rear fin and exaggerated heel shell to protect from Achilles damage; this feature had been taken from the race circuit straight to the Alpinestars sports boot range. The ingredients for these motorcycle boots are taken from the legendary S-MX Plus race boots and put into a shape that can be used every day with a thicker sole for walking on with a wider fit for comfort.

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Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot7. The RST Tractech Evo Boots

The Tractech Evo boots from RST are built for sportsbike riders, and have all the protection you’d expect; in fact the Tractech Evo is fully CE certified to EN13634. The Tractech Evo boots have a moulded TPU shin, ankle and heel protection and the boot features an anti-slip multi density sole, ensuring excellent grip on the foot pegs

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The Forma Hornet Boots: Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot8. The Forma Hornet Boots

Protection is the aim of the game with these Forma boots. For maximum safety this boot features a rear Flex Control System. This means that the ankle is allowed to bend naturally, however it limits the amount that the ankle is allowed to bend backwards. The injected plastic protection is visible on the outside of the boot as it stops your feet from making direct contact with the ground in the event of a slide. The sole is made from aggressive triple density rubber for anti-shock qualities. The heel is also shock absorbing so that the level of impact can be reduced. These boots have all you need and more when it comes to keeping your feet protected when riding your bike.

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The Held Epco Tex 8422 Boots: Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot9. The Held Epco Tex 8422 Boots

Now, we know Held aren’t renowned for their motorcycle boots, but they should be…they haven’t put a foot wrong! These sports racing motorcycle boots from Held have an Outdry membrane, which makes these boots waterproof, windproof and breathable, taking you through any kind of weather scenario. Protection wise the Epco boots have detachable toe sliders mean you can replace them when you’ve had a hard day grinding the asphalt. Dual ankle protection and shin protection with hard plastic reinforcement in the boots offer you impact protection.

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Top 10 Best Sportsbike & Racing Motorcycle Boot10. The Spada Curve Evo Boots

If you’re looking for a sports boot that simply looks neat and do the job without breaking the bank then the Curve Evo from Spada is perfect for you. The TPU moulding on the shin and heel and the TPU density insert on the ankle give you the protection you need from impact. The Curve Evo’s also come in a variety of colour-ways so you can choose a style to suit you.

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