Looking for an alternative to leathers so you can stay cool in Summer? Being comfortable and casual doesn’t mean you have to compromise on protection anymore. We have put together 10 of the best Kevlar jeans available for motorcyclists in 2016. Whether you ride to the office, into town or are on a tight budget we have a pair of motorcycle jeans for you.



REV’IT! Recon Jeans: Best work wear inspired jeans

REV'IT! Recon Straight Jeans RegThe Recon motorcycle jeans from REV’IT! have all the classic features you expect from protective jeans, yet have been given a totally different look with workwear detailing. The workman style has an array of pockets, including stash, side, and back pockets, which makes it easy to carry things like keys once you jump off the bike. As with all REV’IT jeans, the Recon are made of abrasion resistant 11oz Cordura denim with strategically positioned PWR shield at the impact areas. These motorcycle jeans are constructed with PWR yarn in triple stitches, ensuring sturdy seams and to reduce tearing. CE level 1 armour is provided at the knees, which is an upgrade on previous knee armour as it is more soft and flexible, you really won’t just take it out. You can also add hip armour as an upgradable option in the hip armour pockets.


Alpinestars Copper Jeans: Best classic 13oz denim jeans

Alpinestars Copper jeans These look pretty sensible, don’t they? The Copper jeans from Alpinestars are designed to have a classic look like high-street fashion jeans, yet have protective features that make them suitable for a motorcyclist to wear. They have a whopping 13oz denim outer, which really gives them that authentic jeans feel. The Copper jeans have a new type CE bio-knee armour included, which is adjustable for the perfect fit, making them comfortable enough to leave in all day while you ride and when walking around off the bike. Kevlar at the knee and bum offers abrasion resistance in the event of a slide.


Dainese Bonneville Jeans: Best designer kevlar jeans

The Dainese Bonneville Drainpipe JeansGot a passion for fashion but still want to feel like you’re going to be well protected when you’re riding? Dainese has teamed up with fashion designers Diesel to create a range of motorcycle jeans that look great and offer all the protection you would expect. These motorcycle jeans have DuPont Kevlar reinforcements to offer abrasion resistance. There is also Level 1 knee armour, which is super lightweight and flexible: You really won’t feel it.There’s also pockets at the hips to add Dainese’s Pro Shape hip armour.


Rev’It! Orlando Jeans: Lightest waterproof motorcycle jeans

Rev'It! Orlando JeansThe Orlando jeans from REV’IT! are super comfortable and stylish. They incorporate Polycotton stretch denim. This denim consists of three layers that are laminated together to become one single layer that protects against all types of weather. The lining mesh is made of a Polycotton twill that has a diagonal weave structure, improving its durability and making it drape better. For extra strength each seam has been triple stitched to increase the durability. As these jeans are made of a PWR shield knit they have excellent cut, tear and abrasion resistance. Pockets in preparation for Tryonic Seesoft CE certified level one hip protectors (type B) have been integrated for impact protection and during a slide. At the knees Seesmart CE certified level one protectors sit which give you impact protection while maintaining flexibility even during hot conditions. A Hydratex three layer pro membrane comes together to make a waterproof layer which, coupled with rubber-sealed zippers makes a highly waterproof pair of jeans.


Route One Brixton Selvedge Jeans: Best Value Cordura denim jeans

Route One Brixton Selvedge JeansThe Brixton Selvedge Jeans from Route One have a mix of materials to give you a high level of protection. They are a mix of Cordura, Coolmax, and denim, with a 100 percent DuPont Kevlar fibre twill lining. The Cordura is there to increase the abrasion resistance by four times compared to regular cotton denim. The Coolmax wicks moisture away from your body quickly to keep you comfortable. The denim is there because, well, they’re jeans. As well as the abrasion resistance of the main materials, impact protection comes in the form of pre-fitted CE certified knee armour and there are pockets at the hips designed to take hip armour which can be purchased separately.


Held 6603 Barrier Jeans: The one that has it all

Held 6603 Barrier JeansIf you’re after highly-specced waterproof jeans, the Barrier jeans from Held are the ones for you. They’re a laminate, denim, Kevlar mix throughout, which means you’ve got a pair of protective, waterproof motorcycle jeans.The Kevlar weave offers abrasion resistance all over and there’s CE armour at the knee for impact protection. These motorcycle jeans come with pockets ready for hip armour for full protection.


Alpinestars Riffs Jeans: Most closely resembles the fit of leather

Alpinestars Riffs JeansThe Riffs jeans from Alpinestars take features from leathers and technical wear and recreating it in denim. Tech Denim Jeans are designed to be like sport leather trousers and touring leather trousers with technical features. They fit and feel like leather trousers and just like leather trousers they have a skinny tight fit. These Kevlar jeans have airflow zips, to ensure you stay cool on those summer rides. New CE bio-armour at the knees, which is adjustable, offers the impact protection you want.


G-Moto Denim Jeans: Best value for quality assured aramid protection

G-Moto Denim JeansThe protection a motorcyclist needs. The denim is lined with aramid fibres in the key areas that suffer from abrasion in the event of an accident, the hips, thighs, knees and rear. The knees are also protected against impact by adjustable CE certified armour. There is a short jean to jacket connecting zip by YKK, the same type that is used world-over and throughout these jeans, which means you can secure your motorcycle jacket to prevent it from riding up and exposing your lower back. All in all, these denim and aramid motorcycle jeans from G-Moto are a great choice if you’re looking for some urban summer trousers that meet a budget. They are available in blue and black in both regular and short leg lengths. This is the regular black variant.


Alpinestars Tom Jeans: Best canvas motorcycle jeans

Alpinestars Tom JeansGet off the bike and walk into the office in these Tom canvas motorcycle jeans from the Oscar by Alpinestars range. The Tom jeans have a Kevlar seat patch to offer abrasion resistance in the event of a slide. They also have CE armour at the knees, which offers impact protection.



Draggin Jeans K-Legs: Turn any jeans into kevlar jeans

Image result for draggin k-legsCan’t find a pair of motorcycle jeans that you love as much as your Levi’s? No problem! Draggin Jeans’ K-Legs mean you can turn any pair of denim jeans into kevlar lined motorcycle jeans. Simply put the K-legs underneath or over your jeans for great abrasion protection. The K-legs from Draggin jeans are fully lined with Kevlar and Dyneema throughout and have double kevlar around the impact areas.The K-legs don’t come with pockets for impact protectors.


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