Anyone who rides in winter knows the value of having warm hands. The cold can cause your hands to become stiff, achy and numb, which decreases your ability to use the throttle or brakes effectively and safely. And, often not considered enough, a cooling down of your body temperature affects your reaction time and ability such as clues from the behaviour of other motorists. Cold hands are bad news in more ways than one. We have put together a list of 10 of the warmest winter riding gloves available going into 2018. Read below to find the best gloves for keeping your hands warm.


Rev'It! Borealis Gore-Tex Gloves
1. Rev’It! Borealis Gore-Tex Gloves

These gloves are ready for anything. The high loft liner works with the PrimaLoft Gold and PrimaLoft Gold Eco to trap in heat and help keep your hands warm. The tri-fleece liner aids heat retention without bulking up the gloves too much. To keep the water out, a Gore-Tex membrane stops water from entering the gloves, but still allows water vapour to escape so your hands don’t become trapped in your own sweat.


Rev'it! Taurus Gore-Tex Gloves
2. Rev’it! Taurus Gore-Tex Gloves

The Rev’it! Taurus gloves are insulated with Primaloft Gold for warmth. The palms of the Taurus gloves have been lined with Primaloft Gold Eco, for better flexibility and dexterity. The Gore-Tex lining further helps with the insulation by ensuring your hands do not become damp with sweat by allowing your skin to breathe.


The Alpinestars Wr-1 Gore-Tex Gloves - Black
3. The Alpinestars Wr-1 Gore-Tex Gloves

The back of the Alpinestars WR-1 gloves are lined with Primaloft for warmth. The Primaloft Grip lining on the palm means the WR-1 gloves keep your hands warm without compromising grip and hold. The Gore-Tex lining keeps your hands free from sweat and dampness throughout the life of the gloves.


Held Cold Champ Gloves
4. The 2270 Held Cold Champ Gloves

The 2270 Held Cold Champ gloves are lined with 3M Thinsulate. Ideal for long distances the thermal liner on these gloves teamed with Gore-Tex X-Trafit means you are warm without your gloves being bulky. The Gore-Tex lining keeps your hands free from sweat and dampness throughout the life of the gloves.


The Richa Arctic Gloves
5. The Richa Arctic Gloves

The Richa Arctic gloves are lined with a fleece liner to keep your hands warm. The Hipora membrane keeps you dry and also allows your hands to breathe, so they remain free from sweat and dampness.


The Rev'it! Hydra Gloves
6. The Rev’it! Hydra Gloves

The Rev’it! Hydra gloves’ Thinsulate G liner keeps you warm. McFit technology works to enhance the dexterity of the gloves while making sure you can pull your hand out of the glove without bringing the inner liner out with you. The Hydratex membrane keeps these gloves 100% waterproof.


7. The Richa Cold Protect Gloves

The Richa Cold Protect Gloves are lined with a Tri-fleece liner. They will keep your hands dry thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane. Scoring an impressive 45/50 in the Visordown 2012 5-point test to find a pair of motorcycle gloves that would be genuinely warm, waterproof, and suitable for all-weather riding, and all for under £100.


Alpinestars M56 Drystar Gloves
8. The Alpinestars M56 Drystar Gloves

An 80g Primaloft lining on the back of the hand fights wind-chill, as that is the part of your hand that is most exposed to it as you hold the grips. A Drystar membrane ensures that your hands will stay dry in the inevitable wet weather. These leather motorcycle gloves offer abrasion resistance and they also have a hard knuckle armour and a finger bridge between the third and fourth finger to stop snapping and separation.


Held Arctic Evo Gore-Tex Winter Gloves
9. The Held 2775 Arctic Evo Gore-Tex Gloves

A revolution of best selling winter gloves from Held. These gloves bring together the best of Held’s technology. Thinsulate insulation with plush fur lining ensure you stay warm, even in the deepest of winter. Super fabric palm protection and Sas-Tec knuckle armour offer high levels of technological protection. The Sas-Tec knuckle armour is soft, yet hardens on impact. What does that mean to you? You won’t feel it, but it will absorb the shock of a crash.


The Dane Basic 3 Gloves
10. The Dane Basic 3 Gloves

The Dane Basic 3 gloves use a Thermolite lining to offer insulation on those winter rides.The Gore-Tex membrane makes these gloves waterproof for the lifetime of the product, it also lets your hands breathe.



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