Winter Motorcycle Clothing Accessories: Discover the Alpinestars Range


Top Winter Motorcycle Clothing Accessories from Alpinestars

Wihtout doubt, Winter base layers are what’s required to retain comfort on colder days. The right winter motorcycle clothing accessories will take care of wind chill, fight early morning mist, and prevent rain drops running down the inside of your neckline.

Winter Motorcycle Gear

“Winter base layers are the most efficient way to enhance your comfort on colder days. If you ride all year round through necessity, then these will be a necessity.” – Alpinestars

The Alpinestars Winter motorcycle clothing accessories range covers everything from thermal socks to balaclavas. If you ride ‘year-round’ through necessity, then these accessories are a necessity. If you ride for fun only, then these accessories extend your riding season.

As is the case in all categories where Alpinestars provides a solution to bikers, Alpinestars motorcycle base-layers offer a complete range that covers all the seasons. Here, we are only looking at the Winter accessories, but the whole range really is worth a closer look.

The Top Alpinestars Winter Motorcycle Clothing Accessories

Winter Motorcycle Clothing Accessories Alpinestars

Alpinestars Touring Winter Balaclava Alpinestars Tech Neck Tube Alpinestars Tech Winter Socks

For the Alpinestars design team, ‘technical underwear’ is an integral part of the MotoGP race kit bag. In that same way, your kit bag needs to be equipped for the cold season. Whether you choose a single item or several from the Alpinestars range of winter motorcycle clothing accessories, you will find yourself warmer and better prepared than you would otherwise. Bonus: This kit is not only comfortable to wear, it’s good-looking too!

The Alpinestars Touring Winter Balaclava

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Winter motorcycle clothing accessories from Alpinestars The Touring Winter Balaclava

At first glance perhaps a little pricey, the Touring Winter Balaclava is a great piece of kit. Sizing is simple: ‘One size only’ fits everyone. The key to this balaclava is its special construction: The stand-out feature is a deeper than normal neck skirt, which is double layered. The lower layer is fleece backed for additional warmth and comfort – that sits inside the jacket. The outer layer is water- and windproof and sits over the jacket collar – it seals against the jacket with a pull toggle to keep wind and rain firmly out of your neckline. If you click on the picture, we have folded over the waterproof layer to reveal the lower layer. No more drips down your neck? That must be worth it!

Ever pulled a balaclava off and the seams left indentations on your skin? The Touring Winter Balaclava is ergonomically shaped to avoid bunching and uses flat-lock seams, which means that where the balaclava is sewn there are no awkwardly bulging seam welts. A nice additional touch: The nose area is vented, making breathing easy.

  • Warmth – Warm & moisture-wicking fleece-backed stretch material
  • Coverage – Full-face cover with neck & shoulder skirt and outer storm cover
  • Fit – Ergonomic 4-way stretch with flat-lock seams & open nose panel for easy breathing

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The Alpinestars Tech Neck Warmer

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Winter motorcycle clothing accessories from Alpinestars The Tech Neck Warmer

The Alpinestars Teck Neck Warmer offers improved comfort and cold protection over the neck and lower face. It is effectively a storm collar that can double as a face mask. Comfort is guaranteed by the really clever four-way stretch micro-fleece, giving it an adaptable fit that will retain its original shape once back in the drawer. We folded back the bottom edge of the neck tube to reveal the fleece backing!

The stand-out feature is a neckline that incorporates a stretch panel to seal the neck closely and comfortably as a storm collar. If needs must, pull that section over the lower part of your face and that same section is prepared for easy breathing. The collar is seam free to avoid any unpleasant rubbing on the neck. The Teck Neck Warmer is finished off with the Alpinestars logo.

  • Warmth – Super-soft thermal micro-fleece
  • Coverage – Neck warmer with a soft stretch panel to cover the lower face & allow for easy breathing
  • Fit – 4-way stretch material for a comfortable & adaptable fit for all

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The Alpinestars Tech Thermal Socks

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Winter motorcycle clothing accessories from Alpinestars The Thermal Tech Winter Socks

Alpinestars Tech Thermal socks fight the two uncomfortable side effects of Winter riding: Cold feet and the potential numbness that comes keeping your feet still and encased in close-fitting boots. A specialist ribbed construction avoids uncomfortable bunching at the heel and ankle, which means your feet are less likely to go numb. Better fit and greater riding comfort is guaranteed.

The Nostatex yarn conducts moisture away from the skin, and prevents bacterial build up and odour. Warmth requires dry skin and these socks keep your feet dry and fresh. It’s like all functional underwear: Once tried, you wish all your gear was like this.

  • Warmth – Warm & breathable knitted fabric
  • Coverage – Knee length design works with any boot
  • Fit – Rib design reduces bunching at heel & ankle

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The Alpinestars Tech Mid-Layer Top

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Alpinestars Tech Layer Windbreaker Top winter motorcycle clothing accessories

The Alpinestars Tech Layer Top is a great Winter addition to your wardrobe: If you are prone to getting cold after 30 minutes or so on the ‘bike, you need this! It is a jacket, designed to be worn between the outer layer and main top. The purpose of a ‘mid-layer’ is to keep your torso, and therefore the whole of you, warm! Alpinestars have thoughtfully designed this to make it useable on and off the ‘bike. This is a great option to take winter touring where luggage space is at a premium. Bonus: It looks great worn as a casual jacket at any time.

How does it work? Made with Gore Windstopper and an arctic fleece lining, the Tech Layer Top keeps wind-chill out and retains your body heat. The arctic fleece insulates and the Windstopper membrane ensures wind-chill cannot travel further towards your skin. Stretch panels are incorporated, so you get a great fit. Two zipped hand pockets and a zipped chest pocket make it practical as a stand-alone garment. Finally, a small but really neat feature is the Lycra cuff that uses a thumb loop to prevent any gaps between your jacket and glove.

  • Warmth – Gore Windstopper keeps out the chills & arctic fleece keeps you warm
  • Coverage – Full upper body thermal protection with a tailored shape for motorcycle use
  • Fit – Ergonomically shaped with Lycra cuff & thumb loop

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The Alpinestars Ride Tech Top & Bottom Base Layers

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Alpinestars Ride Tech LS Winter Top winter motorcycle clothing accessories

The Ride Tech Winter Top and Bottom are the latest in a line of winter motorcycle clothing accessories from Alpinestars. Alpinestars winter underwear garments are created for additional insulation and warmth: great winter underwear that makes you feel toasty even before you get on the motorcycle. The design enhances the rider’s physique: In other words, apart from doing a great job keeping your warm, this underwear looks great on!

Comfort is created by a compression fit, which is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and ensure your body moisture is quickly wicked away. Being directly up against the skin, comfort is paramount: Constructed from a seamless knit you are safe from seams in all the wrong places. Alpinestars is unusual amongst the big performance brands to think about winter riding. Your options for performance winter motorcycle underwear is limited and this set of tops and bottoms should be on your shopping list.

  • Warmth – Full thermal material construction
  • Coverage – Full upper and lower body, constructed as a seamless knit
  • Fit – Compression fit designed for motorcycling

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