Trade Price 'Plus Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank Holiday weekend coming up (26, 27, 28 August 2017) and you are in for a bargain treat.

We need to adjust our stock holding of certain clothing and accessories lines, covering:

  • end of line items
  • special customer order items not sold
  • overstocks on current summer lines

All are offered at a substantial mark-down, starting as low as trade cost ‘plus’ £1.00. Obviously, not every item will be sold out at such a ridiculously low price, but every item will be sold on a mark down that is worth having; that is for sure.

The exact line up will be decided in the days coming up to the weekend; No stock list will be issued. That just makes it more exciting for you (and us!). But, one thing is for certain: You know us to stock great gear from Europe’s biggest brands, so it’s going to be great stuff at great prices.

Doors open in Leeds & Leatherhead on Saturday morning 9AM, and stock lines will be added as the floor stock is sold. If you are close enough to the store, it may be worth more than one gander over the weekend!

Bookmark this page for further news over the coming days!

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