January’s Marmite bikes

Every Monday we ask you if you “love it” or “hate it” here is your verdict:

✔️ “Terminate” or “I’ll be back” marmite-week3

You loved this “T1000″ make-over on the R1.



marmite-week4❌ “Terror-bull” or “irresist-a-bull”

This Redbull inspired marmite bike got the thumbs down from you.



❌ “Ride it” or “Hide it”marmite-week2

This steampunk inspired marmite bike got the thumbs down with you voting to “Hide it”.


15873557_1377393669000240_7843383988249134748_n✔️ “Sinner” or “Winner”

This art deco inspired Marmite motorcycle was a winner.


Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, motorcycle and outdoor

✔️ “wheelie-good” or “wheelie-bad”

Most of you agreed that “wheelies are lyf” and loved this Marmite bike.

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